The JPCA Show opened June 5 at Tokyo Big Sight.

The three-day show was sold out in spite of the slowdown in the global printed circuit industry. The show comes at a good time, and gave me the opportunity to network, collaborate and collect market data for business and technology trends.

The location of the exhibition moved to the West Hall from East Hall due to construction for the Olympic Games in 2020. Organizers for the JPCA Show had less exhibition space this year due to construction. This was beneficial for companies affiliated with the printed circuit industry; reduced sales translated into lower advertising budgets, and paying less to be represented at the show was welcomed. Large printed circuit companies such as CMK, Meiko and Mektron reduced the size of their respective booths, and many companies canceled their reservations for the exhibition. Many seminars and technical events were canceled this year.

Despite the slowdown, many people attended. I spoke with a few industry analysts who commented on the global printed circuit industry. Year to date, the industry has posted negative growth compared with the same time last year. The flexible circuit segment is performing worse compared with the rest of the industry. March and April shipments showed signs of improvement, but robust sales during third and fourth quarter are required to post a positive growth number for the year.

Second half sales forecasts from industry analysts were mixed. The printed circuit industry is tied to the electronics industry, and worldwide sales for mobile equipment continue to decline. The major circuit board manufacturers in Taiwan are receiving orders from new markets in the auto industry and medical device companies. Korean circuit manufacturers have not branched out to other industries; they are hoping for a recovery from the larger electronics companies such as LG and Samsung. Japanese circuit manufacturers are maintaining the status quo, and will not consider branching into automobile, medical or healthcare industries until a proven track record is realized.

The next edition of the DKN Research Newsletter will detail technology trends from the JPCA Show.

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DKN Research Newsletter #1916, June 9th, 2019 (English Edition) (Micro Electronics & Packaging)

Headlines of the Week
  1. Tokyo University (Japan) developed an electrode material with self-restoration capability for secondary batteries. It is effective to extend battery life.
  2. JAE (Major connector supplier in Japan) expanded its HDMI Type connector series “MX50” for automobiles.
  3. Connectech Japan (Engineering firm in Japan) established low-temperature flip-chip packaging (down to 80°C) for IoT semiconductor devices.
  4. HITO Hospital (Aichi Prefecture, Japan) started operation of a new electronic management system introducing a voice data input devices.
  5. (network printed circuit dealer in Japan) rolled out high-density flexible circuits down to 30 micron L/S with high conductivity and low migration of silver conductors.
  6. Isuzu and HINO (Major automobile manufacturers in Japan) codeveloped a hybrid EV bus with 120 seats connecting two cars. It will increase transportation efficiency 50%.
  7. NDK (Major wireless device manufacturer in Japan) unveiled a small-size heat-resistant OCXO (quartz crystal unit) device available at high temperature up to 95°C. Size: 9.9x7.3x4.1mm
  8. Subaru and Toyota agreed to cooperate to develop the basic platform of plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  9. Keysight Technologies released software for evaluation of network analyzers at midrange frequencies of 25GHz to 53GHz.
  10.  Rohm (Major device supplier in Japan) received certification of Wi-SUN JUTA for the wireless module of smart meter systems.
  11.  Oki Cable (Major cable manufacturer in Japan) rolled out stretchable flexible circuits with elastic substrates and copper foil for wearable applications. Soldering is available.
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