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BANNOCKBURN, IL - IPC, Association Connecting Electronics Industries said today that rigid PCB shipments in North America are down 12.8 percent. Further the overall bookings are down 11.8 percent April 2007 versus April 2006. Year to date, rigid PCB shipments are down 9.9 percent and bookings are down 18.9 percent. Compared to March, rigid PCB shipments slipped 15.5 percent and rigid bookings were down 12.6 percent.

”The April slowdown is a seasonal pattern we see just about every year," said IPC President Denny McGuirk. "This year, however, the industry is also affected by a cooling economy. Overall PCB sales in the first four months of 2007 are running about nine percent below the same period in 2006, but the positive book-to-bill ratios are signs of near-term stability in the North American PCB industry."

While some feel the book-to-bill ratio indicates stability, the first quarter results, coupled with April's poor showing, may be a sign that further contraction is coming.

BANNOCKBURN, ILIPC, Association Connecting Electronics Industries, announced the April findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board Statistical Program.

Rigid PCB shipments are down 12.8% and bookings are down 11.8% in April 2007 from April 2006. Year to date, rigid PCB shipments are down 9.9% and bookings are down 18.9%. Compared to the previous month, rigid PCB shipments decreased 15.5% and rigid bookings decreased 12.6%. Yet, the book-to-bill ratio for the North American rigid PCB industry in April 2007 reached parity at 1.00, which is a sign of near-term stability. 

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SMYRNA, GA – UP Media Group Inc. (UPMG) has named Frances Stewart vice president of sales and marketing. Stewart will be responsible for all sales and marketing in UPMG’s electronics division including the company’s publishing and trade show operations.
The company, which publishes the industry leading Circuits Assembly and Printed Circuit Design and Manufacture magazines, also promoted Editorial Director Mike Buetow to vice president of editorial and production for the electronics division.

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BANNOCKBURN, IL – IPC, Association Connecting Electronics Industries, invites researchers, academics, technical experts and industry leaders to submit abstracts for the 2008 IPC Printed Circuits Expo, APEX and Designers Summit, recently relocated to Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Center, Las Vegas, March 30–April 3, 2008.
Expert presentations are being sought on all relevant electronics manufacture subjects, from advanced technology to via plugging and other protection. A 300-word abstract summarizing original and previously unpublished work covering case histories, research and discoveries must be submitted by July 13, 2007. The submission should describe significant results from experiments, emphasize new techniques, discuss trends of interest and contain technical and/or appropriate test results.
Proposals are also solicited for full-day and half-day professional development courses on design, printed circuit board and electronic manufacturing processes and materials.
All abstracts and proposals are due July 13, 2007. For more information or to submit an abstract or proposal, visit
RICHARDSON, TX – Trilogy Circuits Inc. has recently re-located and expanded its design and manufacturing operations. The new 10,000 square foot facility consists of a 7,000 square foot production area, with the remaining space dedicated to design, manufacturing and administrative support.

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BANNOCKBURN, IL IPC, Association Connecting Electronics Industries, released the following information:
The EU has hired research teams from ECOLAS (Environment Consultancy and Assistance) and RPA (Risk & Policy Analysts) to conduct studies on the RoHS and WEEE directives. As a result, ECOLAS and RPA have developed two questionnaires to address RoHS and WEEE issues impacting the electronics industry.
Your input is vital in helping the EU understand the significant impact of RoHS and WEEE on the global electronics industry, and ensuring that your concerns are adequately addressed. Your company can request that the information provided in the questionnaires be kept confidential.
The study on RoHS will try to quantify the economic and environmental impacts of the RoHS Directive through a Cost-Benefit Analysis. The RoHS questionnaire focuses on the following topics: compliance costs and benefits, technical costs of RoHS phase-outs, and social impacts with a company profile section.
The study on WEEE will assess the impacts of the directive on innovation and competition and seeks to identify those factors and requirements, which have critical positive or negative effects. The WEEE questionnaire focuses on the following topics: company details, overall WEEE costs to your company, costs associated with research and development, producer responsibility schemes and trade issues.
Take advantage of the opportunity to be involved in a process that could potentially lead to recommendations for revision to both Directives. The questionnaires and more information can be found at The questionnaires must be completed by May 25, 2007.

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