SAN JOSE -- The EDA Consortium announced that the EDA industry revenue for Q1 of 2007 rose 10 percent to $1,345 million, up $122 million versus Q1 2006.

The companies that were tracked employed 25,820 professionals in Q1 2007, up by nearly 1,500 professionals versus last year at the same time.

The largest growth came from the Printed Circuit Board and Multi-Chip Module sector. There revenue jumped 59 percent in Q1 2007 to $133 million versus 2006. Computer-Aided Engineering, the largest sector generated revenue of $521 million in Q1 2007, 2 percent more than the same period in 2006.

IC Physical Design & Verification revenue increased 14 percent to $357 million in Q1 2007 compared to the same quarter in 2006. Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) revenue totaled $245 million in Q1 2007, a 5 percent increase over Q1 2006. Services revenue was $89 million in Q1 2007, up 11 percent from Q1 2006. 

North America, who purchases nearly half of all EDA products, was up 8 percent to $619 million in Q1 2007. All other regions also posted gains.

Commenting on the continued growth seen in EDA industry revenue, Aart de Geus, chairman of the EDA Consortium and chairman and CEO of Synopsys, Inc. said, “The same forces that we previously cited as drivers for EDA’s continued growth apply to this quarter’s figures. Consumer electronics and the continued move toward deeper sub-micron processes are fueling the need for advanced EDA tools in all segments of the industry.”
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