BANNOCKBURN, IL IPC, Association Connecting Electronics Industries, released the following information:
The EU has hired research teams from ECOLAS (Environment Consultancy and Assistance) and RPA (Risk & Policy Analysts) to conduct studies on the RoHS and WEEE directives. As a result, ECOLAS and RPA have developed two questionnaires to address RoHS and WEEE issues impacting the electronics industry.
Your input is vital in helping the EU understand the significant impact of RoHS and WEEE on the global electronics industry, and ensuring that your concerns are adequately addressed. Your company can request that the information provided in the questionnaires be kept confidential.
The study on RoHS will try to quantify the economic and environmental impacts of the RoHS Directive through a Cost-Benefit Analysis. The RoHS questionnaire focuses on the following topics: compliance costs and benefits, technical costs of RoHS phase-outs, and social impacts with a company profile section.
The study on WEEE will assess the impacts of the directive on innovation and competition and seeks to identify those factors and requirements, which have critical positive or negative effects. The WEEE questionnaire focuses on the following topics: company details, overall WEEE costs to your company, costs associated with research and development, producer responsibility schemes and trade issues.
Take advantage of the opportunity to be involved in a process that could potentially lead to recommendations for revision to both Directives. The questionnaires and more information can be found at The questionnaires must be completed by May 25, 2007.

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