MILPITAS, CA – Sales of design software for printed circuit boards and multichip modules increased 8.3% from a year ago to $260.4 million in the third quarter, the Electronic System Design Alliance said today. The four-quarter moving average, which compares the most recent four quarters to the prior four quarters, increased 9.8%.

Overall electronic design automation industry revenue increased 15% in the September period to $2.95 billion, up 15% year-over-year, with all categories logging significant gains. The four-quarter moving average rose 8.3%.

“The EDA industry reported a substantial double-digit year-over-year revenue increase for the third quarter 2020,” said Wally Rhines, on behalf of the SEMI EDA Market Statistics Service. “All product categories and geographic regions reported increases in the third quarter. The computer aided engineering, semiconductor IP, and services categories and, regionally, the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific reported double-digit growth. Further, the semiconductor IP category and the Asia Pacific region both surpassed $1 billion in quarterly revenue.”

The September quarter was only the third time in the past decade the EDA sales rose by 15% or more, Rhines told PCD&F.

The companies tracked employed 47,087 people during the quarter, a 4.8% increase over the same period in 2019, up 1.1% sequentially.

CAE revenue increased 10.7% to $927.6 million. The four-quarter CAE moving average increased 7.2%. IC physical design and verification revenue increased 9.1% to $608.2 million compared to the third quarter of 2019. The four-quarter moving average for the category rose 3.2%.

SIP revenue increased 25.8% to $1.05 billion year-over-year. The four-quarter SIP moving average grew 13.9%. Services revenue increased 11% to $105.9 million. The four-quarter Services moving average decreased 6.7%.

The Americas, the largest reporting region by revenue, purchased $1.3 billion of EDA products and services in the third quarter, up 11.7% year-over-year. The four-quarter moving average for the Americas increased 5.1%. Europe, the Middle East, and Africa revenue increased 4.9% to $368.3 million. The four-quarter moving average for EMEA grew 13.4%. Japan revenue increased 6% to $232.4 million. The four-quarter moving average for Japan rose 4.7%. Asia Pacific revenue increased 26.4% to $1.05 billion. The four-quarter moving average for APAC increased 11.3%.

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