HERNDON, VAiNEMI released a rare earth metals white paper.

"Rare Earth Metals: Current Status and Future Outlook” discusses the sources of rare earth metal ores and processed materials. Potential solutions to prevent future supply constraints are suggested.

"Demand for rare earth metals has increased significantly in the past decade," said Bill Bader, CEO of iNEMI. "REMs can be found in every electronic device produced today. But the electronic industry is not the only sector requiring an increased supply of REMs. These materials can be found in every hybrid automobile and most batteries, as well as every fiber-optic amplifier, LED, fluorescent light, and even in wind turbines. As demand continues to grow, shortages are a real risk."

Bader says iNEMI developed its REM white paper to inform the electronics industry about the REM situation worldwide and to urge the industry to take steps to become better informed and ready to react appropriately to future challenges. He notes some affected industries are developing policies and alternative technologies to reduce their dependence on REMs and/or mitigate risks to their supply chains, and that the electronics industry should consider taking a similar approach.

To view the white paper, visit http://thor.inemi.org/webdownload/projects/iNEMI_REM_Whitepaper.pdf.


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