SANTA CLARA, CA -- Hunter Technology has reacquired the printed circuit board fabrication facility, just months after its sale to Bare Board Group.

Terms were not disclosed. Bare Board had finalized the deal on Nov. 1.

In a statement, Hunter president Joseph O’Neil said the company reacquired the board shop after receiving an order for "significant production quantities" for mission critical RF microwave systems from a major US defense contractor. A" stipulation of the contract calls for all manufacturing to be performed in-house for purposes of quality control, reliability and security," O'Neil wrote.

"The reacquisition of these assets is an unprecedented step taken to ensure a trusted and reliable supply chain for our nation’s defense," O'Neil said. "Hunter has committed to making no changes in the people, processes, equipment, location, quality system, mil-spec, suppliers, and commitment to quality, on-time delivery and customer service."

Bare Board Group acquired the plant of Hunter Technology after 10 years as a dedicated PCB distributor with no in-house manufacturing of its own. Orders turned down quickly after the acquisition, however, according to PCD&F sources, resulting in layoffs and financial problems.

“While the structure of our business relationship has been modified, the core objectives of BBG and the fabrication division remain. BBG understands the impact of the recent defense contract on the Hunter organization as a whole. BBG sincerely appreciates the dedication of Mr. O’Neil and the entire Hunter team to their defense partners,” said Jackie Papandrew, CEO of BBG.

It is the second time Hunter has reacquired the board shop. In 2001, Hunter was sold to Ambitech. In 2005, a team made up of management and private equity partners repurchased the assets.


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