SEOUL -- Samsung Electronics will use the novel "SLP" (Substrate Like PCB) as the main circuit board for its latest smartphone, according to published reports.

The decision is likely to trigger a rush for new capabilities among fabricators that want to build for Samsung.

SLP is a next-generation board that relies on HDI, increasing the number of layers while reducing area and width. It uses a method called MSAP (modified semi-additive process), which involves laser drilling followed by electroless copper etching, copper pattern plating, photoresist stripping and flash etching.

SLP will be used to connect the microprocessor, NAND flash memory and DRAM. Samsung is reportedly to be set on the technology because of its need to reduce board size in order to accommodate larger batteries.

The technology will be used in the Galaxy S9, scheduled for release in 2018. Samsung Electronics has decided to use SLP as the main board that connects major Smartphone parts such as AP (Application Processor), NAND flash memory, and DRAM.

Apple already reportedly uses SLP in the iPhone.

Among the fabricators of SLPs will be Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Three other companies are said to be ready to supply SLP, while Samsung currently procures HDI boards from 10 fabricators, mostly in South Korea.

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