SAN JOSEDEK has released the Horizon 02i, the first of the next generation Instinctiv machines. The printer includes a position-adjustable 15-inch touchscreen LCD of the Micron range to enhance ease of use and rapid operation on the factory floor. Micron-class low friction gullwing machine covers are also now fitted as standard, allowing deployment in clean environments as well as granting easier access to the machine during product changeovers and consumable replenishment. 
The Horizon 02i is said to achieve 1.6 Cpk at ±25µm full paste on pad process capability, at12 seconds cycle time. It has a wide board size range, up to 508mm x 508mm, and is fitted with ESD safe transport rails as standard. Other standard features include DEK’s Intelligent Scalable Controller Area Network  (ISCAN) technology, which reportedly enhances diagnostics and supports predictive maintenance in conjunction with DEK’s Internet-based support services.
Options include the DEK Gold camera machine vision package, which is said to accelerate fiducial capture and 2D inspection by leveraging wider 8.5mm x 11mm field of view, faster image recognition algorithms and optimized lighting.
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