TEMECULA, CACWAV recently launched its newest software product, the streaming Data Extractor software. Used with CWAV's USBee AX-Pro, it provides a detailed view into embedded communication busses.

"Typically, the challenge faced by engineers is getting data out of an embedded system quickly so as to be able to process it, either to capture a bug in progress or to evaluate
performance," says Tim Harvey, principal of CWAV. "We developed the Data Extractor to address this by supporting many of the most common embedded busses available today. No other product on the market allows engineers, students and technicians to capture, find, and debug a sequence that happens hours or even days after the start of a test."

An optional software product, the Data Extractor allows for the extraction of raw data from various embedded busses to store off to disk or stream to another application. It is able to collect raw data from Parallel, Serial, SPI, I2C, I2S, High-Speed Async, USB full- and low-speed, SMBus, 1-Wire and CAN busses.
While there are other stand alone devices on the market, the Data Extractor is reportedly able to support all of the various busses, pull out transaction data on the fly, run indefinitely, capture entire test sequences, monitor embedded system data flows during normal operation, and process or store megabytes, gigabytes or terabytes of information.

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