ROGERS, CT -- Rogers Corp. is introducing its RO4230 high frequency circuit material. The RO4230 circuit material is said to extend the capabilities of the RO4000 product series used for antenna applications. The RO4230 is a ceramic filled, glass reinforced hydrocarbon based material that reportedly provides controlled dielectric constant, low loss performance and excellent passive intermodulation (PIM) response for mobile infrastructure microstrip antenna uses.

The material is halogen free and meets the worldwide green standards. It processes similarly to FR-4 laminates in plated through-hole preparation. Typical applications include infrastructure base station antennas, satellite radio antennas and WiMAX base station antennas.

Reported features include:

- Excellent PIM response
- Higher thermal conductivity for high power applications
- Non-PTFE
- Excellent high frequency performance due to low dielectric tolerance and loss
- Low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant
- Low in-plane expansion coefficient

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