Rogers Corporation's TC Series laminates are designed to address the critical thermal management needs of applications requiring high-power RF signals, offering improved performance and reliability in demanding environments.

Composed of PTFE, woven fibreglass, and high thermal conductivity ceramic-filled materials, which provides a range of benefits, including low loss tangent, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent temperature phase stability. Offer reduced junction temperature, improved reliability, and enhanced thermal dissipation capabilities for high-power applications, and can maintain a stable dielectric constant (Dk) even with temperature variations.

TC350 Laminates offer a Dk of 3.50, high thermal conductivity of 0.72 W/m-K, low TCDk of -9 ppm/°C, and are well-suited for power amplifiers, communication systems, and thermal solutions.

TC350 Plus Laminates feature a Dk of 3.50, high Z-Axis thermal conductivity of 1.24 W/m-K, low TCDk of -42 ppm/°C, and are particularly suitable for applications that demand superior thermal management and reliability.

TC600 Laminates offer a Dk of 6.15, high thermal conductivity of 1.1 W/m-K, stable TCDk of -75 ppm/°C, and are ideal for backhaul radios, thermal solutions, and communication systems.

Rogers Corporation 

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