TAOYUAN, TAIWAN – On Thursday, 14 September 2023, the Thailand Trade and Economic Office (TTEO), together with the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA), organized the “Thai Student PCB Job Fair” at the TPCA Building in Taoyuan County. In light of the geopolitical considerations impacting the PCB industry supply chain, several companies have planned to invest in new facilities in Thailand this year. To assist the industry in addressing the pressing need for Thai talent in these new facilities, this job fair serves as a bridge between the employment needs of Taiwanese companies and the Thai students studying in Taiwan. It aims to help Thai students gain a deeper understanding of the significance of the PCB industry and facilitate bilateral exchanges between Taiwan and Thailand.

Mr. Twekiat Janprajak, Executive Director of Thailand Trade and Economic Office, presides over the event by emphasizing the importance of people-to-people connection, which is one of the crucial factors in attracting foreign investment. Working experience with Taiwanese companies will also offer Thai students world-class training and technology transfer. As a result, Thailand and Taiwan will be able to work closely towards producing a resilient and sustainable supply chain, which will benefit the whole region.

Ms. Michelle Hung, Executive Deputy Secretary General of the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA), emphasized that since the easing of the pandemic situation, the Taiwanese PCB supply chain has been responding to customer demands for risk diversification by planning to establish new facilities in various Southeast Asian countries. As companies continue to announce their investment plans, Thailand is poised to become the third industrial cluster for Taiwanese PCB manufacturers. It is estimated that this wave of investment in Thailand will amount to approximately 43 billion Thai Baht, creating over 15,000 job opportunities and making a substantial contribution to both the Thai and Taiwanese economies.

The event gathered the attention of a broad range of Thai students studying in Taipei and the surrounding areas. There were approximately 100 students who attended from several educational backgrounds, be they liberal arts, engineering, business or language studies. The Taiwanese businesses participating in the event consisted of more than twelve leading PCB companies, including Zhen Ding Technology, COMPEQ, Unimicron, WUS Group, Gold Circuit Electronics, Unitech PCB, Wah Lee Industrial Corp, YANKEY Engineer, Shinbu Corporation, Topoint Technology, READY WELL, TALIANG Technology, and DAIDALOS Enterprise. This event has provided a great platform for Thai students in Taiwan to gain a deeper understanding of the PCB industry and to get acquainted with Taiwanese companies. It opens up possibilities for them to potentially join the Taiwanese PCB industry in the future and contribute their expertise to Taiwanese enterprises. TPCA will continue to focus on the talent supply and demand issues between Taiwan and Thailand, actively promoting collaborations between academia and industry in Thailand and offering professional training programs. This commitment aims to strengthen the resilience of the Taiwanese PCB industry within the global supply chain.

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