Brigitflex has paid attention to its customer base. We are always experimenting with new materials and upgrade for the ever-changing world we are part of.

We have just purchased a NEW and installed The Excellon 154L vision drilling/routing system. The 154L offers high speed axis positioning and a large area of 54 by 30 inches for larger panel PCB and is installed in a clean area environment. The vision system offers capabilities such as drilling and routing relative to surface targets and features to provide high accuracy and precision hole placement.

This capability is especially important when working with materials, thin Kaptons, Microwave and Teflon substrates, that grow or shrink during the manufacturing process.  The CCD camerera aligns the systems to targets or features and drills with amazing positional accuracy.

The 154L is equipped with tight tolerance depth to +/- 0.0005 inches to enable accurate counter bore, counter sink and blind via drilling. The CNC-7PC control  provides backward compatibility with current equipment which will provide quick integration with the current drilling process. With the addition of the 154L we will not only have greater technical capability but we significantly increase our capacity for your needs now and in the future.

Please give us call for your concept,and proto into production printed circuit technology goals. We can work with all materials plus thin film lamination in house. We work with a 60" wide etcher. We can think outside the box! Send us Gerber files, better yet, call!


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