Peter Bigelow
The misperceptions outsiders hold of the PCB industry are damaging to people and profits.

Human interest stories can speak volumes about the current state of our consciousness.

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Peter Bigelow
How each company defines and executes service is what customers remember – and what sets a supplier apart.
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Peter Bigelow
Managing a paradigm shift is much easier when the transition does not involve you.

As designers and manufacturers of advanced technology products, living day by day on the slippery slope that separates bleeding edge and commodity technology, one thing we have become pretty comfortable dealing with is paradigm shifts. I say “pretty comfortable,” as, while we deal well with changing technology demands, process implementation, standards requirements and customer expectations, even the most-seasoned veteran still cringes at one type of paradigm change: hiring, training and working with the next generation of “young” employees.

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Peter Bigelow

Growth at all costs usually costs too much.

Psst! Hey you! Yeah, you over there … EMS guy. Don’t turn around and ignore me just because I’m a shadow of what I used to be…. I wanna help.

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