• MFlex Expects Q1 Sales at High End of Guidance

    IRVINE, CA -- Multi-Fineline Electronix today reported preliminary first-quarter net sales of $145 million to $150 million, at the mid- to high-end of company's guidance.

  • Molex Upgrades NeoScale Mezzanine Connector

    NeoScale high-speed modular mezzanine connector now delivers faster data rates and improved performance. Offers clean signal integrity at data rates of 56Gbps NRZ. Composed of a vertical plug and vertical receptacle, with a patented modular triad wafer design for custom PCB routing in high-density applications. Patented PCB attachment method delivers robust solder joints. Is composed of three pins per differential pair—two signal pins and one shield pin. Molex NeoScaleEach triad is a standalone, shielded, 56-Gbps-capable differential pair or an 8A power feed. Triads can be optimized for signals supporting high-speed 85 Ohm or 100 Ohm differential pairs, high-speed single-ended transmissions, low-speed single-ended or control signals, and power pins. Blind mateable with rugged triads for multiple connectors. Come in 12 to 42mm stack heights; circuit sizes of 8 to 300 triad wafers in 2-, 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-row configurations; and 85 or 100 Ohm impedance to provide optimal design flexibility. Customized versions available, such as 10 and 45mm stack heights.

    Molex, molex.com

    Register now for PCB West, the Silicon Valley's largest trade show for the printed circuit industry, taking place Sept. 13-15 in Santa Clarapcbwest.com

  • N. America Bucks World PCB Output Trend, IPC Says

    BANNOCKBURN, IL — The world market for PCBs declined an estimated 2.2% in real terms in 2013, although North America grew 0.8%, according to IPC.

  • N. American PCB Bookings Growth Slowed in November

    BANNOCKBURN, IL — North American printed circuit board fabricators reported slowing sales growth in November but bookings recovered sharply over last year.

  • N. American PCB Orders Up in November, IPC Says

    BANNOCKBURN, IL --  The 90-day moving average orders among North American PCB fabricators bookings increased 12.4% in November, IPC said today.

  • NCAB Plans US Expansion

    HAMPSTEAD, NH ― NCAB Group plans to open additional divisions in key regions throughout North America this year, the company said today. 

  • New Investor Adding Management, Staff at KSL Kuttler

    DAUCHINGEN, GERMANY – KSL Kuttler Automation Systems said its newest investor, Tao Zipeng, has taken over management of the firm’s staff.

  • New IPC Report Details How PCB Manufacturers Meet Today’s Tech Demands

    BANNOCKBURN, IL — Nearly half the world's PCB manufacturers for computer and telecommunications applications expect their highest clock speeds to exceed 25GHz by 2019, a new study contends.

  • New Process Lets OKI Mass-Produce 0.35mm LSI Boards

    TOKYO -- Oki Printed Circuits has developed a mass-production technology for printed circuit boards with a maximum board thickness of 3.5mm (30 layers) to support next-generation 1,000-pin fine-pitch LSIs.

  • New Study to Test Moisture Effects on Substrate Material Performance

    CAVE CREEK, AZ -- The High Density Packaging (HDP) User Group announced a new project studying the impact of moisture on high-frequency measurements of printed circuit board material.

  • No Surprises for Japanese Electronics Industry Performance in 2014

    It’s hard to believe the first quarter of 2015 is almost over!

  • Nordson March Introduces ModVIA Plasma System

    ModVIA plasma system is fully integrated and doubles its capacity from four to eight cells (eight to 16 panels) to accommodate manufacturing production growth. Compact design and small footprint. For treating printed circuit boards for desmear, etchback, and to provide surface activation. Accommodates a broad array of PCB panel technologies in various shapes and sizes including rigid, flexible, through-hole, and blind via, and works with a wide range of process gases such as Ar, O2, N2, and CF4. Nominally equipped with three electronic mass flow controllers (MFCs) for optimal control and delivery, the gas system can support a total of five MFCs. The temperature-controlled high flux electrode (HFE) design, custom control system, and advanced plasma cleaning technology are said to minimize CF4 usage and improve bonding performance. Chamber dimensions are 1652 (w) x 1747 (d) x 2445mm (h)(65 x 69 x 97"). Includes upgraded gas distribution and pump package, and improved user interface and control parameters. Chamber processes PCB panels in separate plasma cells to deliver high etch rates. Chassis houses plasma chamber (constructed of high-quality aluminum for superior durability), the control electronics, 40kHz RF generator, pump/blower package, and automatic matching network. Maintenance access available from either front or rear access panels. EH&S/Ergonomics compliant and CE marked.

    Nordson March, nordson.com/en/divisions/march/products/plasma-treatment-systems/modvia-expandable-plasma-system

  • North American PCB Sales Turn Positive in September

    BANNOCKBURN, IL — North American PCB fabricators reported year-over-year shipment growth turned positive in September for the first time this year.

  • Numerical Innovations Offers FAB 3000 v.7 CAM

    FAB 3000 v. 7 is CAM software runs advanced DRC/DfM verifications, generates component centroids, creates SMT stencil pads, panelizes PCBs, and performs other useful features.

  • Numerical Innovations Releases ACE Translator 3000 v 7.0

    ACE Translator 3000 v 7.0 offers two-way translation between most common EDA, CAD, and 3D formats, in a single intuitive environment. Converts DXF, GDSII, Gerber, Postscript, PDF, ODB++, TIFF, BITMAP, STEP, STL, and more. Built-in viewer verifies translation results. Includes rulers, measurement tools, query, cell browser, hierarchy browser, HighLite broken polygons, plus new editing and repair features.

    Numerical Innovations, numericalinnovations.com/collections/ace-translator-3000

  • ODA Releases Pads, xDxDesigner Starter Library

    Starter Library for Mentor Graphics Pads and xDx Designer software is compatible with the VX and 9.5 releases. Is comprised of more than 11,000 current manufacturer part numbers along with associated schematic symbols and footprints.  Is IPC-7351B-compliant and comes with a wide variety of device types, well-defined partitions for easy navigation, and descriptions of standards used to create the library. Free for customers on active Mentor support.

    Optimum Design Associates, www.optimumdesign.com

  • OKI to Take Over Yokogawa Electric Site in Ome

    TOKYO -- Yokogawa Electric has signed an agreement to transfer its printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly factory in Ome to OKI Printed Circuits, effective April 1.

  • OMG Says Q4 Sales Down

    CLEVELAND -- Chemicals maker OM Group today reported fourth-quarter net sales of $245 million, down from $270.5 million last year. 

  • Orders Slip in April at N. American PCB Fabs

    BANNOCKBURN, IL — The 90-day moving average orders at North American printed circuit board fabricators were down in April on a year-over-year basis.

  • Park Electrochemical's May Quarter Sales Take Dive

    MELVILLE, NY -- Park Electrochemical reported net sales of $37.8 million for its fiscal first quarter ended May 31, down 22.5% from a year ago. Sales were up 4.4% sequentially for the period.