HAVERHILL, MA and OHTSU, JAPAN -- DKN Research and NY Industries have developed a solderable thick film system for flexible substrates. A solderable thick film circuit is considered by many to be a breakthrough technology for printable flexible electronics.

Traditional thick film circuits can not be soldered due to the plastic binders that are incorporated into the conductive paste. This disadvantage restricts the application of thick films for many electronic products.

Thick film systems provide an ideal technology for circuitization of flexible electronics. Current printing technology can generate fine patterns for not only conductor materials, but also dielectric materials and other functional materials through a few simple steps. Thick film techniques are additive processes, with minimal waste, making the process inherently green.

DKN Research and NY Industries have developed the thick film circuit system using a specially formed conductive paste that is applied to heat resistant substrates such as polyimide and PEN. The circuit system is available for not only single side circuits, but also double and multilayer circuits with various types of via holes.

Mr. Robert Turunen, vice president of DKN Research discuss the new circuit system on April 2, 2009 during the technical session at IPC EXPO.

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