NEW YORK -- DuPont expects to nearly triple its annual photovoltaic sales to more than $1 billion in the next three years in part by delivering new technologies to the solar industry. The overall solar market size today is estimated to be $30 billion, and according to industry estimates, will increase to $70 billion by 2013.

“Through investments in materials, technology development and manufacturing, DuPont is accelerating its ability to deliver innovations that will improve the lifetime and efficiency of photovoltaic modules,” Dave Miller, group vice president, DuPont Electronic and Communication Technologies, said. 

The company is channeling research and development resources into products for module manufacturing that include polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) films and thick film metallization pastes. Additional research is directed towards the thin film photovoltaic energy market where the projected growth rate is expected to be higher than that for crystalline silicon modules.
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