SAN FRANCISCO – A Webinar on on how article manufacturers can comply with REACH requirements is coming Oct. 29.
While the majority of products, known as articles under REACH, will be exempt from registration, all articles imported into or manufactured and sold in the EU will be subject to disclosure requirements for certain substances that could be used in articles, says Design Chain Associates. These disclosure requirements are expected to begin this week or next.
Manufacturers producing for consumer markets should be especially concerned about these requirements since REACH permits any consumer to request information about certain substances in articles from any manufacturer, says the firm. The manufacturer is obligated to reply within 45 days.
DCA's 90-minute Webinar will address REACH concepts and timelines; what an article is; legal requirements for articles; candidate list for substances of very high concern, and related issues; what to do now to comply with REACH; ongoing issues and strategies to ensure continued compliance with REACH; strategies to prepare more broadly for environmental compliance and competition.
Visit for more information and to register.
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