MELVILLE, NY -- Jerry Shore, the founder of ark Electrochemical, passed away on May 19.

Jerry Shore cofounded the company in 1954, and served as CEO until 1996, when he retired and turned over the reigns to his son, Brian. Shore continued as chairman until 2004, when he retired. Since his retirement in 1996, Jerry has been a well recognized and accomplished professional sculptor. 

Park Electrochemical's other cofounder, Tony Chiesa, died in 2008.

In a statement, Brian Shore, now Park Electrochemical chairman and CEO, said, “Anybody who knew Jerry would tell you he was a great man and a larger than life figure. Jerry leaves a large void in the lives of so many. The simple and obvious truth is that, if not for Jerry, there would be no Park Electrochemical. He started the company from nothing in 1954, and, at his retirement in 1996, Park was a multinational corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Nevertheless, I believe Jerry’s most rewarding and enjoyable days at Park were back in the early days when the focus was on creating and building things. Jerry loved building things, large and small. Anybody who knows Jerry would also tell you that he was a true warrior. That was his nature. Jerry was a warrior to the end, and now he has fought his last war and he is at peace. We will miss him so.”

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