GIFU, JAPAN – Ibiden has filed a patent for a printed wiring board featuring an insulating layer, conductor layer, adhesive layer and resin insulating layer, as well as a specific roughness to improve performance.

The patent application describes a board includes a conductor layer with a defined root mean square roughness Rq of 0.23µm or less, and the adhesive layer is designed to follow the unevenness of the conductor layer's upper surface. The adhesive layer includes a smooth film portion with a uniform thickness and a protruding part that enhances the overall structure.

The patent application outlines various parameters for the adhesive layer, such as the height of the protruding part and the ratio of exposed smooth film portion to the total area of the adhesive layer. These features aim to enhance the functionality and reliability of the printed wiring board, making it suitable for various applications in the electronics industry.

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