TOYKO -- CMK reported second quarter consolidated revenue increased 1.4% from last year to 19.75 billion yen ($148 million).

Consolidated revenue rose 171% to 599 million yen, and the consolidated net income jumped 558% to 432 million yen.

The top 50 PCB fabricator cited chip shortages and supply chain chaos and falling production at auto manufacturers, offset by higher demand in China.

Sales of PCBs for automotive applications increased 1% from last year to JPY 16.1 billion, sales of PCBs for communications-related machines (smartphones) decreased 21% to JPY 200 million, and sales of boards for other applications (including AV/digital appliances, digital cameras, game consoles, and other products) increased 3% to JPY 3.3 billion.

Regionally sales in Japan shrank 6% compared with a year ago, while sales to China increased 22% and Southeast Asia rose 21%. Sales to Europea and America fell 3%.

CMK expects automotive PCB sales to increase by 5% annually to JPY 69.7 billion this year, PCB sales for communications-related machinery to increase by 44% to JPY 1.3 billion, and PCB sales for other applications to decrease by 21% annually to JPY 11 billion.

1 JPY = 0.00751808 USD

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