MORRISVILLE, NC — iNEMI published the Organic PCB and Power Conversion Electronics chapters of the 2019 Roadmap.

Both technology working group chapters identify key technology developments anticipated and required within the supply chain to meet product needs between now and 2029 in their respective technology areas. The chapters also identify any potential gaps between product sector needs and technology capabilities.

New products will require, for example, advanced packaging and heterogenous integration, new materials, and innovative architectures. Organic PCB developments must comprehend these changing market demands. Power conversion electronics topics include device-level considerations through power supply technologies needed to either extend or improve within the roadmap time horizon.

The Organic Printed Circuit Boards chapter discusses rigid, flexible and optoelectronic substrates; manufacturing equipment and processes; materials currently available; and projections of challenges over the next 10 years. It also presents critical issues with regard to embedded components, computer buses, package conductor routing, and liquid coolants and heat sink requirements.

The Power Conversion Electronics chapter was developed in conjunction with the Power Supply Manufacturers Association. It discusses dominant power conversion trends and challenges, along with metrics in their respective end segments, providing a comprehensive view of power conversion needs. A combined qualitative and quantitative picture is presented of key technologies and trends in the four representative power converter technologies: AC-DC frontend power supplies, AC-DC external power supplies, isolated DC-DC power supplies and non-isolated DC-DC power supplies.

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