WASHINGTON -- The US government is seeking public submissions on combating intellectual property infringement.

The move comes as the feds develop a new Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement.

In its request for comments, the US Government, through the US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator's office, invites public input and participation on a new enforcement strategy, which is divided into three parts. In the first section, Strategy Recommendations, IPEC requests detailed recommendations from the public regarding specific recommendations for improving the government's intellectual property enforcement efforts. In the second section, Threat Assessment, IPEC seeks written submissions from the public regarding existing and emerging threats to the protection of IP rights and the identification of threats to public health and safety and the U.S. economy resulting from intellectual property infringement. In the third section, Optional Questions, IPEC seeks written submissions from the public to assist IPEC and agencies in the development of specific action items.

Submissions must be received on or before July 25 at 5 pm, at http://www.regulations.gov.

The IPEC is charged with developing the Administration's IP enforcement plan, which is submitted to Congress every three years.



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