ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO – 3D Glass Solutions collaborated with Nokia to deliver D-band signal transport.

D-band signal transport requires integrated mm-wave modules with high spectral-efficiency. 3DGS worked with Nokia to develop a demonstrator for ultra-high-performance >30Gbps speed wireless backhaul systems.

“This solution allows designers in D Band TX/RX modules the lowest loss and lowest cost point for TX/RX modules, as demonstrated by this radio-on-glass architecture for Nokia, operating up to 160GHz with less than 1dB of loss from the chip to the antenna output/input ports,” said 3DGS CTO Jeb Flemming.

“One of the reasons we’ve been able to achieve such extraordinary performance numbers using our RFIC on glass is because we’ve been working closely with the engineers at 3DGS,” said Shahriar Shahramian, director of sensing and communication ASICs research at Nokia Bell Labs. “Its unique etching process allows us to build things on glass that simply aren’t possible using any other process. At the same time, 3DGS’ willingness to collaborate and explore unexplored areas and applications has allowed us to build something incredible.”

“This is the next generation of ultra-high-performance radio-on-glass modules operating at these frequencies,” said Flemming. “Our demand for data continues to grow, and we are pleased to work with Nokia to deliver record-breaking solutions that can keep up with that demand.”

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