BEAR, DEArlon Materials for Electronics (Arlon-MED), a division of Bairnco Corp., has released its CLTE-XT Microwave Laminate. It represents the eXtended Technology of the existing CLTE product line.
CLTE-XT is a micro dispersed ceramic PTFE composite utilizing a woven fiberglass reinforcement to provide the highest degree of dimensional stability, critical in multi-layer designs. CLTE-XT is in said to be superior when utilizing thin (0.005" and 0.010") substrates or when CLTE-XT is combined with thin film resistor-conductor materials, such as Ohmega-Ply and TCR foils, utilized for embedded resistors in applications that require a high degree of resistor consistency.  
CLTE-XT is reported to have very low CTExyz and the lowest TCEr (dielectric constant stability across temperature) for applications that require electrical phase stability, dielectric constant stability and mechanical stability well over a -55 to 150°C operating temperature.
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