BRIDGEPORT, CTAlpha-Core Inc. has introduced Model HBC-2 Turns Counter, a high precision instrument that counts the number of turns of magnet wire in toroidal and other types of closed core transformers, of both low and high frequency designs. It also measures the turns-ratios between primary and secondary windings of all types of transformers, checks continuity, and will detect the presence of shorted turns.
Depending on the core material in the transformer (silicon steel, powdered iron, amorphous cores or ferrite cores), the operator can select a test frequency of 2.5 KHz, 12.5 KHz or 50 KHz. A range selector of 1:1 or 1:2 ratio allows the tester to count up to 1999 turns or 3998 turns respectively. For a higher number of turns, two, three or more test turns are used. 
The Model HBC-2 has an LED readout for instant display of the number of turns when testing toroidal transformers or to display the transformation ratio when testing E/I lamination type transformers.
Transformers up to 15 lbs can be placed on the instrument table. Heavier transformers can be tested on the bench using extension test leads.
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