Jidoka Technologies' Fujin hardware unit is designed to detect small and minute defects in flat surfaces that require scrupulous inspection and are imperceptible to the human eye.

Is a two-axis table for end-of-line inspection where its motion can be designed to be used to move the product in front of the stationary camera or to move the camera across the length and width of the stationary component, and is said to be able to capture small defects on the order of 0.1mm on a 500mm product. Customized to the product type, complexity in shape, size, nature of defects, and production volume, and fits in seamlessly on the production line for in-process as well as end-of-line inspections. Depending on the component size and the requirements, can detect defects and anomalies in products with a speed of three to five parts per minute and an accuracy rate of at least 98%.

Jidoka Technologies


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