Harness Builder 2021 for E3.series enables designer to use intelligent designs to simplify quoting process, automate harness documentation process, and drive next-generation manufacturing processes.

Has reusable smart parts database, 1:1 scale formboard drawings, and outputs to drive testing and wire-processing machines. Introduces assistant to augment work instruction creation process and automate time-consuming tasks. Work instruction assistant supports operations with help of customizable templates and custom automation options. Manufacturing work instructions are driven by engineering data within E3.series project. Work instruction templates stored in design library reportedly ensure consistency across projects. Can customize images and templates. Auto-actions feature creates customizable triggers to run preexisting or custom automation routines. Work instruction package is designed as separate document set inside E3.series project to publish on-demand. Dash Number functionality improves modular design management of harness. Can capture multiple variations of harness derived from original design; application derives bill of materials for all defined permutations of wire harness from single design. Dash numbers are configured as variables to manage parts numbers and cable segments on formboard. Configurations can be stored in CSV file. Expands support for third-party automated wire harness testing machines. Design data can drive test platforms. Provides enhancements to DIT-MCO and Cirris test machine outputs. Additional features include cut-to-length-only options for Schleuniger cayman wire processing machines; multiple reporting enhancements for wire tables on-sheet and in Excel; plugin and options for ProjectionWorks augmented reality assembly systems; UI improvements and performance enhancements.

Zuken Americas

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