Power IC Model Library v. 4.2 is for Cadence PSpice simulator. Includes more than 600 high fidelity and correlated simulation models for power electronic designs. Adds test sources for automotive applications covering ISO 76750/ISO 7637-2 and FMC1278, including CI220 (load dump), CI230A (power cycling), CI250 (voltage offset), and CI260A-E (voltage dropout). Includes model netlists in PSpice syntax, schematic symbols for both Cadence OrCAD Capture and legacy schematics, and a set of example application circuits for IC models. Models are compatible with OrCAD Capture v. 17.x software. New additions include automotive stimulus sources; LISN models; Opamp and comparator models; ferrite beads; regulators; phototransistors and photocouplers, and MOVs.

AEi Systems, www.AENG.com
EMA Design Automation, www.ema-eda.com


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