Pads PCB CAD platform features new analog/mixed-signal (AMS) and high-speed analysis tools for mixed-signal design, DDR implementation, and electrically correct design signoff. 


    • Pads AMS Cloud, a cloud-based circuit exploration/simulation environment and user community, addresses analog/mixed signal simulation. Users from all levels of expertise can create and share analog, mixed-signal, and mixed-technology designs in an online, collaborative environment where designs and models can be published or downloaded. Circuit designs created in AMS Cloud can be transferred to the AMS Design Suite desktop environment, eliminating the need to manually recreate circuits to perform advanced analysis and drive the PCB design flow.
    • Pads AMS Design Suite, which allows design and simulation of analog/mixed-signal and digital in one environment. Within one schematic session, both analog circuit simulation leveraging VHDL-AMS, and topology exploration with the HyperLynx tool can be performed. Beyond common core AMS simulation analysis (DC Bias, time-domain, and frequency-domain simulations) additional extended analysis capabilities are included as standard, such as multi-run parametric sweeps, sensitivity, Monte Carlo, and Worst Case analysis to address specific engineering needs.
    • Pads HyperLynx DDR option, for integrated DDR simulation, which identifies and solves signal integrity (SI) and timing issues specific to DDRx designs.
    • Pads HyperLynx DRC tool, which accelerates electrical sign-off process by allowing electrical rules checks and identifying violations that will affect the design integrity and performance of the board. With predefined rules, reportedly quickly identifies issues such as traces crossing voids and traces changing reference planes on large designs. Integrated electrical DRC technology demonstrates PCB designs are electrically correct before hand-off to manufacturing. Key capabilities: Fast and easy time to results with a rules-based approach to identify non-CAD constraints; out-of-the-box checks for EMI, signal integrity and power integrity; easy identification of violations integrated with the PADS PCB product.

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