The novel coronavirus has spread to over 200 countries and claimed more than 150,000 lives. The virus emerged in China in December, and spread around the world.

European countries and the US report a significant amount of cases over the past several weeks. The total number throughout Europe is 1.1 million and the US reported 740,000 as of this writing.

The infection rate in Japan was relatively lower than North America and Europe last month, however, this changed over the past two weeks. The number of new cases surpassed ten thousand yesterday with over 200 deaths. New cases continue to increase, especially in the large cities of Tokyo and Osaka. The prime minister and prefectural governors issued emergency stay-at-home requests for at least one month hoping to reduce social contact. White collar workers are required to set up temporary offices in their residence and work from home, but manufacturing companies will suffer without any workers. Non-essential retail stores and restaurants are closed; grocery stores and pharmacies remain open. The Japanese economy will struggle during the second quarter.

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