Kempen/Furtwangen, 19.02.2021 - tw-elektric relies on solder resists from Peters: The PCB manufacturer located in the Black Forest has chosen the green ELPEPCB solder resists Elpemer GL 2467 SM-DG - a curtain coating ink - and the AS 2467 SM-DG - a spray coating ink - for their production.

By the combination of a casting table and a spray system, the family-owned company from the town of Furtwangen has found an optimum solution for applying these solder resists.

The company ahk Service & Solutions has designed the machinery for this purpose. According to Andreas Harsch, ahk's Managing Director, "the well-established curtain-coating method combined with modern spray coating technology offers the optimum coating solution for every PCB design option with the appropriate ink colour".

For tw-elektric, the benefits presented by the Peters ink systems are short exposure times and direct imaging. This way, they will also permit excellent direct exposure properties in the future with LEDs or laser light sources. "Another important point for us to go for Elpemer inks is that they are free from photoinitiators of the types 907 and 369," says Andreas Müller.

Müller is the second-generation managing partner of tw-elektric. The photoinitiators he mentions have been officially classified as candidates for substances of very high concern. The substances of the types 907 and 369 are considered hazardous to health and environment, whereas the alternative product developed by Peters is free from such problematic substances. Both in the company tw-elektric counting 93 employees and in the small town of Furtwangen surrounded by the natural paradise of the Black Forest, it is a good message to opt for environmentally compatible inks.

This cooperation is also a win-win situation since tw-elektric is very experienced and successful in the field of white PCBs production for LED/lighting electronics. For a long time now, a white Peters solder resist from the series ELPEPCB Elpemer SD 2491 has been the choice for this purpose. And in case of demand, the special colours black, blue or red are also applied by spray-coating.

Conclusion: A fruitful cooperation between a major PCB manufacturer of the German-speaking area - tw-elektric produces almost 300 m² of PCBs per day in three shifts - and the world's unique full-range supplier of coating materials for electronics. And all this under the quality label made in Germany.

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