BRUSSELS – Industry leaders addressed concerns with the Öko-Institut report on the proposed expansion of RoHS substance restrictions at an IPC workshop on June 18. Read more ...
BANNOCKBURN, IL — Formula One, IndyCar and World Sports Car driver Derek Daly will keynote IPC Midwest in September, IPC announced.
Daly's talk will center on the role electronics will play in future high performance race cars. The talk takes place Sept. 24 at the Schaumburg (IL) Renaissance Hotel.
To Daly, electronics has been the greatest source of competitive edge in the motor sports industry. In 1987, Daly test-drove the car with the first electronic dashboard. He is one of a handful of world-class drivers to compete in all three of the most prestigious races in the world: Indianapolis 500, Grand Prix of Monaco, and the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race.
In 2008, he published his first book: Race to Win, How to become a Complete Champion.

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