WALTHAM, MA -- Nano Dimension announced today that it owns 12.12% of the outstanding ordinary shares of Stratasys in what its top brass is calling a "strategic investment." 

“The purpose of Nano Dimension in buying Stratasys shares is the formation of a strategic investment in a market-leader which is well established in a relatively seasoned market segment, while Nano Dimension’s disruptive technologies in AME and 3-D metal printing supply its shareholders with value created by accelerated growth and expansion curves," said Yoav Stern, chairman and ehief executive, Nano Dimension. 

Stratasys is a leading supplier of additive manufacturing equipment and tools, including 3-D printers, polymer materials, and software. It had revenue of $521 million and $607 million in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

"An investor in Nano Dimension will gain from its value creation in 'blue ocean' type AM sectors plus having strategic upside from investment in Stratasys, which enjoys a commanding presence in large, stable more mature, mostly polymer-based AM technologies," said Stern. "In contrast, Nano Dimension’s material development thrusts and business model strategy are centered around metals with electro-mechanical conductive parameters, metals with superior mechanical qualities, dielectric material, and printing of multi-dimensional-electronic devices and mechanical parts."

Nano Dimension left the door open to increasing or decreasing its investment in Stratasys, subject to market conditions and other economic factors.

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