FH72 flexible printed circuit connector has single-action lock for portable electronic applications.

Has height of 0.9mm and 0.3mm pitch. Is suited for applications like consumer devices, gaming, industrial, medical and wearables. Has rugged design with low FPC insertion force and high FPC retention force that is 4x typical non-ZIF design. Features wiping design that maintains high contact reliability by preventing dust intrusion. Is designed for automated pick-and-place assembly processes. Single-action lock reportedly eliminates risk of latch damage during assembly process and reduces assembly time. Has wide entry guide for FPC insertion and double-sided lead design for PCB mounting. Operation of actuator is not required during FPC insertion. FPC misalignment reportedly does not occur. Is available in 11-position version that is halogen-free and RoHS compliant. Hirose is currently developing seven to 31 position versions.

HIrose FH72 Series image

Hirose Electric

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