ESPOO, FINLAND -- Optenni and Ansys have created a link for designing matching circuits for antennas and other RF components based on simulated 3D models. The models are simulated using Ansys' HFSS electromagnetic field simulation software.

Using a single macro command, impedance results from the simulations can be transferred to Optenni's Lab software for matching circuit generation and other analyses of the simulated impedances, the companies said.

Optenni Lab provides fully automatic matching circuit generation and optimization routines. The user needs to specify only the desired frequency ranges and number of components in the matching circuit after which Optenni Lab provides a choice of optimized matching circuit topologies. Optenni Lab features an intuitive component library, fast tolerance analysis and simultaneous multiport matching.

In addition to matching circuit design, Optenni Lab can be used to predict the obtainable antenna bandwidth from simulated impedance data, using the concept of bandwidth potential, which helps the antenna designer to understand how the antenna is working and how the design should be modified for optimal bandwidth.

TAGS: 3D simulation, Ansys, Optenni, circuit design, EMC, impedance control

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