HERNDON, VA – An iNEMI two-day summit will focus on the challenges of creating a more sustainable industry. The goal of this summit, scheduled for Sept. 22 and 23 in Schaumburg, IL, is to define specific actions for the electronics industry and organize programs to execute these actions.
“How can products be designed to minimize their impact through the lifecycle?” asks CEO Jim McElroy. “How much energy is consumed to produce the product and, more importantly, how much will be consumed over the life of the product? How difficult will the product be to deal with at end of life? We will take a systems view across the supply chain to identify where there are major gaps – and where we think we can make a difference.”
Mark Brillhart, VP of manufacturing operations for global supply chain management at Cisco, will address how collaboration can serve as a catalyst for sustainability innovations.
Brad Allenby of Arizona State University is another featured speaker. He will look at challenges and opportunities presented by the design and management of emerging technologies in a rapidly shifting social, cultural, environmental and economic landscape.

For more information and to register, visit http://www.inemi.org/cms/calendar/Sustainability_Summit_Sept08.html.
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