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DNEPROPETROVSK, Ukraine Novarm Ltd. has released the latest version of DipTrace 1.23, a PCB design software application package that is said to feature a PCB Layout module, powerful autorouter, schematic capture and component/pattern editors.
DipTrace's autorouter can route single-layer (bottom side) and multilayer circuit boards. There's also an option to autoroute a single-layer board with jumper wires.
The software has a shape-based copper pour system with different possible fill types and thermals to make plane layers or to reduce manufacturing costs by minimizing the amount of etching solution. Its design-rule checking checks the clearance between design objects, minimum size of tracks and through holes
MUNICH, Germany and WESTFORD, MA Zuken has announced the latest version of its desktop PCB design solution, CADSTAR 9.0. This release is said to feature usability and flexibility enhancements, along with functionality for adopting new technology. Simultaneously, Zuken has introduced the latest version of CADSTAR 3D, also with reported advancements in usability.
Improvements to the GUIs have resulted in graphical representations of every function assignment. ‘Trunk’ routing functionality within P.R.Editor XR has also been further enhanced to allow more flexibility. This includes providing designers with the ability to swap equivalent pins quickly and easily to improve routability. In addition, general usability developments have been made to the report generator, post drill files, DXF post processing, general menu and tool bars.
CADSTAR SI Verify includes upgrades to the via modelling function in order to provide more in-depth analysis details, and user defined n-port circuit models to take into account components such as filters and ferrite beads.

WILSONVILLE, ORMentor Graphics Corp. has released the latest version of its Board Station design flow for large, enterprise customers. The Board Station flow includes tools for design creation, layout and manufacture, and is designed to meet the requirements of enterprise design teams. This release is said to offer improved integration with the enterprise, as well as improved design productivity and 'what if' signal integrity analysis.
“Advances in PCB fabrication technologies, system performance and FPGA densities/pin counts, compounded by emerging government regulations such as RoHS, continue to challenge our most aggressive customers as they strive to meet competitive time-to-market goals,” said Dan Boncella, director of marketing, Systems Design Division at Mentor. “This new release of our Board Station flow addresses these challenges by continuing to tightly integrate our high speed pre- and post-layout analysis tools, library and data management, and adds PCB interactive routing productivity enhancements.”
This version of Board Station is said include the following enhancements:
- Library and data management - Tighter integration with DMS and added functionality to provide off-the-shelf RoHS design-for-compliance capabilities.
- Constraint editor system (CES) - Addition of electrical rules entry, layout and analysis functionality to complement the high-speed physical rules already provided.
- Signal integrity verification - Addition of the newly released ICX Pro Explorer functionality to the flow, our next generation high-speed constraint development tool.
- Design layout - Additional support for layout of flex boards, addition of trace glossing so designers can more closely control interactive routing on dense designs, hard and soft autorouting “fences” to help control routing around dense BGAs as opposed to through them, and additional gate and pin swapping capabilities to optimize layout.
- FPGA-on-Board - Improved integration of I/O Designer to accommodate high pin count and high performance FPGA implementation on the PCB.
LAS VEGAS and LAKE FOREST, CADirect Logix and PROMS Inc. have announced a technology partnership and the immediate availability of a fully developed bi-directional interface between applications from both companies.

The Direct Logix’s Control Center Auto CAM Automation and DFM Analysis have been combined with PROMS’s ProCIM Enterprise, reportedly providing a seamless link for web-based engineering and business processes. According to a news release, these combined solutions provide the best methodology for integration and automation from CAM through engineering and the entire manufacturing process.

“Direct Logix has proven that their unique solutions complement our products very well,” said Don Leduc, COO of PROMS Inc. “This partnership and its combined integrated solutions will provide a wealth of benefits to board manufacturers on an enterprise-wide scale.”

Leigh Eichel, Direct Logix vice president, said, "PROMS’s system approach and implementation methodology is very impressive. Direct Logix has several partnerships that have previously been announced. The interface was developed and deployed into production in record time which is a testament to each companies technology and technical staff."

BEAR, DEArlon Materials for Electronics (Arlon-MED), a division of Bairnco Corp., has released its CLTE-XT Microwave Laminate. It represents the eXtended Technology of the existing CLTE product line.
CLTE-XT is a micro dispersed ceramic PTFE composite utilizing a woven fiberglass reinforcement to provide the highest degree of dimensional stability, critical in multi-layer designs. CLTE-XT is in said to be superior when utilizing thin (0.005" and 0.010") substrates or when CLTE-XT is combined with thin film resistor-conductor materials, such as Ohmega-Ply and TCR foils, utilized for embedded resistors in applications that require a high degree of resistor consistency.  
CLTE-XT is reported to have very low CTExyz and the lowest TCEr (dielectric constant stability across temperature) for applications that require electrical phase stability, dielectric constant stability and mechanical stability well over a -55 to 150°C operating temperature.
MONTREAL, Quebec, CanadaCimmetry Systems Corp. has released AutoVue v 19.1 Client-Server, web edition for Linux servers.

AutoVue 19.1 for Linux servers provides organizations worldwide with the ability to view, markup, digitally mockup and collaborate in real-time on hundreds of native document types, including 2D/3D CAD, EDA and Office, with one web-based solution. This helps organizations reduce CAD software costs and eliminates the requirement for engineers to run a windows machine just to view and print Office documents.

The supported server platforms include Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4.0 and Novell SUSE SLES 9.0 Sp3.

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