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RICHMOND, VAAlbemarle Corp. has developed and is commercializing SAYTEX 102HP flame retardant, a high-assay form of decabromodiphenyl ether (DecaBDE). Patent applications covering both the high-assay product and the processes for its manufacture are currently pending.

This new product is designed to help users meet the strictest interpretation of the European Union (EU) Restriction on the RoHS Directive and related EU Commission Decisions regarding the use of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE)s.

SANTA CLARA, CAAgilent Technologies has introduces four new Genesys EDA software configurations priced under $10,000. The packages support linear, nonlinear, and electromagnetic RF system simulation and RF synthesis.

The new suites begin at $3,995, and configurations include:

• Genesys Core, which provides the schematic environment as well as layout, linear simulation, optimization, Monte Carlo analysis and data post-processing;
• Genesys Designer Pro, which adds eight passive and active circuit-synthesis modules for RF circuit design;
• Genesys Nonlinear Pro, which adds harmonic balance and planar EM simulation to Genesys Core to enable true nonlinear transceiver design; and
• Genesys Comms Pro, which adds the Spectrasys and WhatIF RF architecture tools to Genesys Core to allow high-performance RF system design.

A fifth new suite, Genesys Integrated, combines all the Genesys environment and simulation modules into one software platform.

All the new configurations include 12 months of software maintenance, including technical support and such software upgrades as the next Genesys release, planned for March 2007.

"Customers have told us they want smaller, more application-focused bundles that are easy to use but powerful enough for RF engineers to accomplish their design goals," said Daren McClearnon, product marketing manager with Agilent's EEsof EDA division. "These new Genesys configurations are affordable because they are tailored to fit specific RF design applications, such as microwave amplifier design or RF system design.”

WATERBURY, CTMacDermid Electronics Solutions has released MicroCat, a fully additive circuit formation process. MicroCat is the result of high-resolution catalytic imaging and high productivity additive metallization.
The two step MicroCat process results in solid copper circuit traces at a fraction of the cost of etched aluminum foil, etched copper foil, or silver PTF pastes and has demonstrated proven capability in RFID, smart card, membrane switch and various other additive circuit applications.
With its wide operating window, MicroCat can be used in either manual or automated process equipment and on various flexible and rigid substrates. All printing technologies are suited for MicroCat processing.
CHANHASSEN, MNThe Bergquist Co. has released Gap Pad 2000SF, a silicone-free insulating material. This fiberglass-reinforced gap filling material combines electrical isolation with thermal performance of 2 W/mK. The material is reported to stay exceptionally soft and more compliant than other silicone-free materials.
Gap 2000SF has a natural inherent tack on both sides, eliminating the need for additional adhesive layers that typically inhibit thermal performance by increasing interfacial resistance.
It is offered in thicknesses of 10 to 125 mils and is available in sheet form or as die-cut parts of any shape or size. Custom thicknesses are also available upon request.

MONROVIA, CA – Miyachi Unitek announces the release of its next generation weld monitors, MM370 and MM380. The machine mounted MM370 builds on the MM326, with increased capability and new features. The hand-held MM380 has been designed to provide quick, precise and comprehensive measurements of the weld process.
Both monitors feature a 5” color display that is said to provide precise graphical displays of waveform time and amplitude, in addition to numeric peak and average values. The MM-370 measures current, voltage, force and displacement, and is capable of setting limits and configuring comprehensive machine I/O. The hand-held MM-380 utilizes a weld-through sensor that measures current, voltage and force simultaneously between the electrodes. Waveforms and data can be output through a built-in printer (standard on the MM370 and optional on the MM380), or via a COM port for screen capture and data collection. Both monitors can reportedly measure single phase AC, DC and AC inverter weld controls.
DOWNERS GROVE, ILCimnet Systems Inc. has released a bundled solution that helps PCB manufacturers automate their entire front-end operation, from quoting to pre-production engineering and design.
The solution begins with i-Quote, an intelligent, Web-enabled quotation system designed specially for the PCB industry. i-Quote automates the quoting process by capturing customer specifications and using predefined workflows and a rules-based costing engine to calculate an instant quote.
Cimnet Systems’ front-end automation solution also includes Engenix, a pre-production engineering solution that extracts and analyzes job data from CAM systems. Customizable and rules-based, Engenix uses CAM data to generate stack-ups, travelers and reports that can be integrated with any ERP system. Engenix also is balanced by services from Cimnet Systems, where both pre-CAM and CAM activities may be outsourced to Cimnet’s development center.

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