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ROCHESTER, NYEMA Design Automation has released the EMA RoHS CIS Library, configured to store the critical RoHS data (from the core component vendors represented) required to aid in supporting due diligence requirements with the compliance status of the parts.
Determining compliance for RoHS is said to be as simple as checking the RoHS compliance field; however, there is much more information required to ensure manufacturability, proof of compliance and compliance for environmental regulations outside the European Union.
To help with these types of concerns, the starter library includes fields such as RoHS compliance status, RoHS compliant alternate part, materials datasheet, certificates of compliance and manufacturer’s data sheet. Having this type of data available during part selection allows an engineering team to select the proper parts for compliance in the design phase, reduce problems in the manufacturing phase caused by incompatible parts and shorten the proof-of-compliance phase should the need arise. The starter library comes preconfigured with over 1,500 parts and is designed for easy expansion as needs grow.
“We are already seeing products being shut out of Europe due to the impact of RoHS and WEEE legislation,” said Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA. “We felt it was important to make this library available so that those companies that hadn’t started on RoHS and WEEE compliance could get underway with a reliable base library.“
For those who want to go beyond a starter library, EMA offers a complete compliance by design methodology - EMA Engineering Data Management (EDM). It provides data management tools, integrated CAD tools and component engineering services for a complete solution for RoHS compliance, due diligence justification and WEEE reporting.
SAN FRANCISCOApplied Wave Research Inc. (AWR) and Pulsic Ltd. announced that Pulsic’s Lyric Automatic Routing system is now integrated into AWR’s Analog Office 2006 design suite for analog and radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) design.
Through the Analog Office OpenAccess open standard data access interface, interconnects represented by the unique Analog Office Intelligent Net2 technology can be automatically routed in Pulsic’s full-featured, automatic, constraint-driven, shaped-based Lyric Automatic Routing system. The new solution is said to enable high-frequency analog, RF and mixed-signal designers to access the Pulsic routing system without leaving the Analog Office design environment, saving design time, increasing accuracy, and speeding designs to final tape-out.
“The collaboration between AWR and Pulsic provides IC designers with a new level of automation and flexibility in choosing the best tool for a particular design job,” said James Spoto, president and CEO of AWR. “We are pleased to be working with Pulsic in order to provide our customers with access to world class automatic routing technology directly from AWR’s easy-to-use, open design environment and unified data model.”
“Pulsic’s Lyric Automatic Routing system offers the highest quality controlled and constrained automatic routing available on the market,” said Ken Roberts, CEO of Pulsic. “The integration of our leading IC physical design technology into AWR’s industry-leading design software offers a breakthrough solution to create and optimize the design of analog, mixed-signal and RFICs for our mutual customers.”
ALBUQUERQUE, NMIntrobotics Corp. has announced the release of its HFT-1500 High Frequency Test System. The HFT-1500 automates the production test of PCB boards and assemblies and measures impedance, propagation delay, effective dielectric constant and interconnect loss. It is designed to meet the needs of the ATE probe card manufacturers for 100% test of their product and complex PCB manufacturers need for coupon testing.
“We are very happy to provide this new equipment with significant high frequency test capability for nearly half the cost of our top of the line system,” said Brian Butler, president of Introbotics. “This new equipment provides a huge advantage in test costs to anyone interested in measuring and reporting high frequency properties in a production test environment.“
MUNICH, Germany and WESTFORD, MAZuken has announced the availability of free footprint downloads for Altera's new MAX II CPLD FineLine BGA and Micro FineLine BGA packages. The MAX II CPLD packages meet the small form factor package and low power capabilities needed by designers of portable systems.
Zuken's CR-5000 users can download the MAX II CPLD footprint data, eliminating the task of manually entering footprint data into CR-5000 libraries. This download reportedly addresses the need for simplified integration of this technology.

"As the number of I/Os in FPGAs increase and the solder ball pitch decrease, the ability to rapidly design and layout a multi-layer PCB to accommodate FBGA and MBGA packages becomes crucial, driving the demand for solutions such as Zuken's CR-5000," said Jim Smith, Altera's director of EDA vendor relations. "Designers can take advantage of the advanced capabilities within Zuken's CR-5000 to quickly and easily complete their designs and meet their go-to-market goals."
Zuken and Altera are working together to provide a comprehensive set of design tools tailored for the application of next-generation PLDs and FPGAs, as part of the Altera Commitment to Cooperative Engineering Solutions (ACCESS) Program.

MINNEAPOLIS, MNMinco has released its Flex Circuits Design Kit for engineers wishing to incorporate flex circuitry in their projects.
The kit includes a start-up guide that lists design guidelines, specifications and manufacturing procedures, illustrations and a glossary of commonly used terms. A sample case holds over 25 pieces of raw material and circuit examples.
“Although flex circuits are made to bend, most field failures occur as a result of these bending or flexing operations,” said Mark Finstad, principle application engineer for the flex circuits division. “To avoid failures, a designer must factor in all parameters that involve bending and flexing including bend radii, dielectric thickness and type, foil weight, copper plating, number of layers, and number of flexures.”
The kit also comes with an offer for a free mechanical sample of your design made with actual flex circuit stack-up materials. A mechanical sample ensures that a flex circuit is the right size and shape and is properly constructed for its environmental interfaces, which will help avoid installation problems, or latent mechanical issues that could cause failures.
NEWBERG, ORWISE Software has released its VisualCAM product. It includes HyperNETLIST generation, which is said to increase netlist generation performance over other comparable competitive tools by 5-10 times.
WISE’s new assembly reverse engineering functionality, (not to be confused with CAD reverse engineering) focuses on providing component centroid information when all a user has to work from is Gerber data. VisualCAM offers five different methods of component identification, including automatic processes that can work from a variety of information found within a standard bare-board production dataset.

Additionally, graphical netlist comparison performance has been increased five times over GT-Fabricator, while draw-to-flash conversion has been increased 5-10 times. A brand-new, fully automatic draw-to-flash conversion is now being offered as well, which is said to further reduce the amount of hands-on user time required to complete the conversion process. Improvements have been made to WISE’s paste mask stencil enhancement capabilities, offering greater levels of control during shape replacement. The increased control during shape replacement is designed to minimize the number of iterations required to achieve the desired mask results, further reducing the amount of time required to complete the overall task.
VisualCAM includes 100+ additional enhancements to core technology. Migration offers are available to those GerbTool users that wish to move up to VisualCAM, however WISE intends to maintain both product lines going forward.

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