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SAN DIEGO, CA – FocalSpot Inc. has introduced the Verifier Plus X-Ray Inspection System, a mid-point addition to the Verifier Series of Portable X-Ray Inspection Systems.
The Verifier Plus is designed to provide high-quality imaging and inspection capabilities at a low price. Although the Verifier Plus is considered to be a mid-entry point system, it offers imaging and diagnostic abilities that reportedly rival many high-end systems.
The Verifier Plus has a large 40mm field-of-view for swift inspection of large board areas or components and provides >200X magnification for detailed viewing of the smallest BGA/SMT electrical interconnections. The system is said to be ideal for BGA/SMT solder quality assessment and low-density material analysis applications.
“X-ray inspection has become an indispensable tool for providing quality assessment and manufacturing process information. It is for this reason that x-ray inspection has become a process requirement by the vast majority of electronics manufacturers today,” said Glenn Olaes, X-Ray product manager for FocalSpot Inc. “Therefore, having in-house x-ray inspection capabilities has become a competitive advantage. The Verifier Plus provides an ideal solution by offering just the right mix of high-quality capabilities and affordability to fulfill both application and budget requirements; making this a practical solution for any thrifty buyer.”
SAN JOSETessera Technologies Inc. has released the MicroPILR Interconnect platform, an innovative technology family designed to revolutionize the interconnect within semiconductor packages, substrates, PCBs and other electronic components.
The interconnection is achieved through low profile, pin-shaped contacts that replace conventional technologies used today, such as solder balls on semiconductor packages and plated vias in package substrates and PCBs. These contacts reportedly deliver a number of key benefits needed to meet emerging product roadmaps, including significantly reduced profile, fine pitch, improved electrical and thermal performance, and enhanced reliability.
Bruce McWilliams, Tessera's chairman, president and CEO, said, "Tessera developed the MicroPILR platform to enable the ongoing evolution of electronics, which will require breakthroughs in interconnect to achieve greater levels of integration and functionality at lower levels of cost. Tessera is actively engaged with key members of the supply chain, including leading semiconductor manufacturers, subcontract assemblers, and materials suppliers, to drive widespread adoption of Tessera's MicroPILR platform. We look forward to offering our customers and the global electronics industry a powerful tool in meeting next-generation product roadmaps."

TOKYOPanasonic and Ansoft Corp. have released a new design kit for Any Layer Interstitial Via Hole (ALIVH) Board for Nexxim, HFSS and Ansoft Designer. The design kit can reportedly be used with Panasonic surface mount technology components. Engineers designing high-performance HDMI signal lines can utilize this design kit to ensure the signal quality of the digital signal content. The kit is equipped with scalable differential and common mode elements that can be applied in circuit- and system-level simulations to produce realistic waveforms.
"Panasonic is pleased to complement Ansoft's powerful simulation technologies with an ALIVH Design Kit together with our most advanced surface mount components," said Naoto Okamura, group leader, Device Application Center at Panasonic. "We look forward to expanding all the possibilities with Ansoft for board design to extend the library in the future to include LCR composites, noise suppression components, baluns, SAW devices and power supplies to benefit our mutual customers."
With Panasonic's ALIVH technology, it is said that engineers can design circuit boards that are more compact because via holes can be placed in all layers of the board. These compact board designs allow engineers to add greater circuit functionality due to the increased real estate and to shorten the effective trace length for high-speed signal circuits.
The design kit is available from Panasonic's Web site (
WOBURN, MA -- Innov-X Systems has released the Handheld Laser-Focus Camera System for small-spot testing that captures a digital picture and test results for compliance RoHS screening tests in an XRF Analyzer. It Isolates test areas by placing a test spot down to 3 mm diameter and displaying the image and sample target on the color PDA screen in real-time.

This product is said to be deal for evaluating non-homogeneous parts such as PCBs where the beam can be focused on a small component, solder joint, lead or terminal. It can switch from collimated pinpoint to full-field analysis. Snapshot images of samples analyzed plus laser-targeted small-spot analysis are saved in test records. The system is said to measure up to 25 elements in a single test. 
WOBURN, MA -- The X-50 Mobile XRF from Innov-X Systems tests Cd to 1 ppm in many sample types, 10 ppm in alloys. It's said to be ideal for RoHS Packaging Directive, which requires sum of Cd, Hg, Pb, Cr less than 100 ppm.

The Inspector Series XRF tests leadcontent in solder and parts. It alerts users to banned metals using pass/fail criteria and documents total Cr, Br, Pb, Hg and Cd. The analyzer features an angled front display plus rear display for easy viewing of test results; no wipe tests; said to eliminate the liability of isotope control, improper use, theft and disposal.
WOBURN, MA -- Innov-x Systems' Hawk Micro XRF benchtop analyzers deliver identification and elemental analysis from Ch to U. It uses collimated beam of 13 to 0.2 mm diameter, with laser beam focusing. The analyzers are said to be ideal for testing small or nonhomogeneous samples.

Applications include RoHS compliance analysis for electronics, PCB and components. They can reportedly perform standard-less quantitative analysis with statistical accuracy. Movable X-Y stage affords precise measurements across samples. A color CCD camera enables digital snapshots with magnification of up to 68X; combined with the laser spot tool, enables digital pictures to be analyzed and stored. Includes a large testing chamber, X-ray tube source and Si PiN-diode detector interfaced to a PC. 

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