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DOWNERS GROVE, ILCimnet Systems Inc. has released a bundled solution that helps PCB manufacturers automate their entire front-end operation, from quoting to pre-production engineering and design.
The solution begins with i-Quote, an intelligent, Web-enabled quotation system designed specially for the PCB industry. i-Quote automates the quoting process by capturing customer specifications and using predefined workflows and a rules-based costing engine to calculate an instant quote.
Cimnet Systems’ front-end automation solution also includes Engenix, a pre-production engineering solution that extracts and analyzes job data from CAM systems. Customizable and rules-based, Engenix uses CAM data to generate stack-ups, travelers and reports that can be integrated with any ERP system. Engenix also is balanced by services from Cimnet Systems, where both pre-CAM and CAM activities may be outsourced to Cimnet’s development center.
AUSTIN, TX3M’s new EMI absorber AB-5000 series was created for EMI attenuation applications requiring electromagnetic-absorbing properties in mobile phones (SAR reduction), computers, notebooks, digital cameras, LCD/PDP TVs and PCBs for communications. This absorber reportedly suppresses radiated noise from emitting devices designed in the broadband radio frequency range.
The series is said to be different from other absorbers in that it is made with a flexible polyurethane resin loaded with a soft metal-flake filler. It has an acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive and is protected by a removable liner. The typical attenuation range of the absorbers in this series depends on thickness; the EMI absorbers in this series come in thicknesses of 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 and 1mm. They are supplied in roll form, 210mm by 15M (8.26 inches by 16.35 yards) for the 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5mm thicknesses and 210mm by 10M (8.26 inches by 10.9 yards) for the 1 thickness, making continuous rotary die cutting possible. The AB-5000 absorber is rated UL94V0 flame retarded.
ORLANDO, FL – Control Micro Systems Inc. has released the latest generation of its printed circuit board laser markers, the Gen4 product line.
The Gen4 laser system is designed to mark and verify ECC200 Data Matrix symbology as well as other machine code formats, man-readable text and graphic images.
Adjustable width through-conveyor and programmable mark locations accommodate panels of virtually any size and array configuration. The Gen4 is available with a wide variety of air-cooled CO2 and solid-state lasers including the Ytterbium Fiber laser to mark almost any board substrate material and coating combination, usually without requiring a preprinted ink block.
The in-line through-conveyor laser system provides fully automated, unattended marking operation in all SMEMA-compliant assembly lines or in stand-alone work cells using automated board loaders/unloaders.

SANTA CLARA, CASigrity Inc. has enhanced its PowerSIT electrical analysis solution to enable parallel and distributed computing. Formerly required lengthy processing now can be distributed among several CPUs in a computer, or among several computers, reportedly resulting in timesavings that scales virtually linearly with the number of processors.
Sigrity's PowerSI solution, optimized for and focused on frequency-domain analysis, is said to be known for its ability to provide fast, accurate full-wave electrical analysis of leading-edge IC packages and PCBs. It claims to overcome increasingly challenging high-speed design issues in power and signal integrity analysis.

MONTREAL, Quebec, CanadaCimmetry Systems Corp. has released AutoVue 19.1 Service Pack 1 for Solaris servers 9 and 10. SP1 for AutoVue 19.1 (Unix) provides Solaris users with 2D and 3D native document visualization for AutoCAD 2007,  Autodesk Inventor 11, Mechanical Desktop 2007, Microstation V8 XM, OneSpace Designer Drafting (ME10) Version 14, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 and SolidWorks 2007.

AutoVue’s native document viewing enables customers, suppliers and partners to quickly view, markup, print and collaborate on original documents without undergoing costly and error prone file conversions. AutoVue also eliminates the cost and complexity of maintaining multiple client-side viewers and server-side
conversion systems.

SP1 for AutoVue 19.1 is immediately available to AutoVue customers currently under maintenance.
MARLBOROUGH, MADownStream Technologies LLC has announced the availability of BluePrint-PCB Viewer application as a free web download. BluePrint-PCB reportedly allows users to easily create a comprehensive PCB release package. According to a news release, this new initiative is designed to provide easier distribution of that critical information to a variety of audiences.

“The adoption of BluePrint-PCB as the new standard for creating comprehensive PCB documentation has been outstanding,” said Rick Almeida, one of DownStream’s founders. “By making the Viewer Application a free web download makes it even easier to integrate BluePrint into the PCB Release process.”

 BluePrint-PCB supports three free Viewers including:

• BluePrint-PCB Viewer Application (standard)

• BluePrint-PCB HTML Viewer – allows documentation packages to be exported into HTML and viewed using an Active X component inside of Microsoft Internet Explorer

• BluePrint-PCB Pack and Release Viewer – allows users to control the amount of time a document release package may be viewed by a third party

All BluePrint Viewers support the hyperlinking functions that link details to notes and callouts as well as URLs, e-mail addresses, audio, video and other electronic files. BluePrint-PCB Viewer can view and query the native CAD data that had been imported into BluePrint to create the documents. In addition, the Viewers contain a search function that scans all documents to show “all instances and “locations” of specific components, details or text strings.

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