ROCHESTER, NY – EDA software provider EMA Design Automation has struck a deal to offer Perception Software’s SymXpert PCB schematic tool.
As large-pin-count components are more frequently used in PCB designs, the creation of schematic symbols for new parts has become increasingly time-consuming and error-prone, the company says.
SymXpert is said to automate the symbol creation process by eliminating manual data entry and simplifying pin data verification. It includes intelligent content extraction; data validation; rule-based graphics and pin arrangement, and template-driven generation.

ATLANTA – A new Excel spreadsheet tool aids users in determining the best surface finish for a particular design. The tool was created by Bob Lazarra, former designer and now vice president of business development for PWB fabricator CircuitConnect.

Lazarra, who calls the tool SurfaceCalc, explains his motivation: “I’m often asked by frustrated assemblers, ‘What's the best Pb-free surface finish for me?’ By the time I go through the laundry list of variables, influences and exceptions, I feel more like a defense attorney and less like their go-to guy for tech support. So I created a spreadsheet surface finish calculator that empowers assemblers to make their own decisions.”

SurfaceCalc compares five popular Pb-free surface finishes (ENIG, HAL, OSP, immersion silver and immersion tin) with 17 factors affecting overall surface finish performance (including cost). Default scores and factors are based on 35 related research reports presented at the 2006 SMTA International conference. Scores are user addressable, and factors are user selectable, with a provision to add an additional three factors. Users can select which of the factors to include, and can change default scores assigned to each finish.

SurfaceCalc produces both statistical and graphical comparisons. Lazarra, who makes the tool available for free (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), plans to update it annually.

ATLANTAIntercept Technology, provider of advanced PCB/Hybrid/RF electrical engineering tools, and SiSoft, provider of integrated signal integrity and timing solutions for high-speed digital system design, announced the integration of Intercept’s Pantheon with SiSoft’s Quantum-SI.
The integration of Pantheon and Quantum-SI software provides a tool set for advanced SI analysis coupled with PCB layout.

Intercept’s PCB/Hybrid/RF layout application, Pantheon, is available on Sun Solaris, Linux, and Windows platforms; SiSoft's Quantum-SI is available in multiple configurations.

NEEDHAM, MAParametric Tech said yesterday its third-quarter revenue would be roughly $225 million, well below its previous guidance of $235 million to $240 million.

Despite a 4% year-on-year increase in total revenue for the quarter, license revenue in North America and Japan is projected to be $62 million, far short of expectations, CEO and president C. Richard Harrison said.
The company has begun reducing costs, Harrison said.

The company also expects to lower fourth-quarter guidance.
In April 2004, Parametric acquired Ohio Design, known for its InterComm electronics design verification, visualization and collaboration software.
CANBY, OR – In the assembly world, putting vias directly in surface mount pads is often not recommended. But for routing large or fine-pitch BGAs, bypass capacitors, thermal management, and grounding on high-frequency parts, via-in-pad can be an effective, if demanding, solution.
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NEW YORK – Electronics materials maker Park, parent of Nelco, said net sales in the May quarter fell 9% year-over-year to $57.1 million. Earnings from operations fell $2.1 million, to $7.5 million for the period ended May 27. Net earnings dropped 16.9% to $7.4 million.

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