YAVNE, ISRAEL – Magnetti Marelli has selected Valor Computerized Systems' vManage software (used for assembly traceability and feeder verification) for installations into manufacturing sites in Italy, Spain and Mexico.

vManage will reportedly enable Magnetti Marelli, an automotive electronics systems provider, to achieve traceability and visibility of materials and manufacturing processes on their Panasonic, Fuji and Hitachi PCB SMT platforms. vManage will also help Magnetti Marelli to eliminate feeder errors by incorporating the software’s feeder verification functionality.

According to Valor, vManage provides shop floor control and material management by collecting accurate real-time machine performance data from equipment vendors, allowing visibility and control over the manufacturing operation from SMT lines to final assembly.

“We are very happy to have extended our shop-floor management installations at Magnetti Marelli,” said Julian Coates, VP of Valor. “vManage not only enables electronics manufacturers to remain competitive, but also to comply with special requirements set in the automotive industry.”

MARLBOROUGH, MA, - Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials has entered into a joint development agreement with IBM to create patterning materials and processes to enable implant at and below the 32 nm node.

The agreement is a joint collaboration to develop implant solutions for advanced technology nodes. Ion implantation is a set of process steps used to fabricate transistors. The implant process selectively introduces electrical charges into extremely small areas that have been defined by preceding lithographic steps.

At 32 nm and below, implant lithography has become a critical step in transistor creation, but constitutes a major technology hurdle. As semiconductor designs shrink, new challenges emerge in controlling implants used in transistor formation.

“Finding the right solutions to difficult technical challenges depends not only on strong engineering and design, but also on close collaboration with leaders in the semiconductor industry,” said Dr. James Fahey, president of Microelectronic Technologies for Rohm and Haas. “Partnering with IBM will accelerate the development of new materials and ensure that we are on track to meet the needs for 32 and 22 nm nodes.”

“We are proud to be working with Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, combining IBM’s continued development of lithography solutions with Rohm and Haas’s material expertise,” said George Gomba, Director of Total Patterning Solutions for IBM Microelectronics.

Work on the joint collaboration will take place at IBM’s East Fishkill, Yorktown and Albany facilities and at Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials’ Advanced Technology Center in Marlborough, MA.
VANVCOUVER – Design software vendor Capilano Computing and PCB supplier Pad2Pad.com are jointly offering free packages for schematic capture and trace layout.

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PRAGATI MAIDAN, NEW DELHI - Componex Nepcon India begins on February 20, with manufactures from 26 countries attending the show, and with a focus on the growing electronics industry in southern India . Authorities such as the Telecom Equipment Manufacturer's Associations (TEMA), Consumer Electronics and TV Manufacturer's Association (CETMA), and All India Instruments Manufacturer's Association (IMDA) will also attend.

Componex has served the Indian electronics industry for over 13 years, while Nepcon is an annual exhibition catering to needs of the electronics market worldwide organized by Reed Exhibitions. The Componex show was recently acquired by Reed Exhibitions India, and Componex Nepcon is a combination of these two shows.

Mandeep Singh, COO, Reed Exhibitions India says, “It gives me immense pleasure to introduce Componex Nepcon India 2008. CNI is the only platform where buyers and sellers from the components industry can get together...to showcase their latest technology.”

According to Reed, this year’s exhibition will focus on Surface Mount Technology, with new products being launched by both national and international exhibitors. Reed also sites that the Indian electronic industry is growing at a brisk pace, with potential to reach $40 billion by 2010.
ROCHESTER, NY – EMA Design Automation has announced a vendor participation program where manufacturers can contribute part kits to EMA’s TimingDesigner Design Kit library. GSI became the first participant by contributing kits for its SigmaQuad family of memory devices. The company states that the ability for vendors to provide timing models for inclusion in the EMA Design Kit Program will ensure the accuracy required to define and setup timing analysis for their products.

“With the speed and complexity of today’s designs, customers need accurate tools and time saving models to help them tackle these [design] challenges,” said Manny Marcano, EMA president and CEO. “EMA has responded with the TimingDesigner Design Kit Program to provide accurate static timing models for its customers. We are very excited to see that GSI recognizes the value in our solution for its customers.”

According to the company, design kits consist of preassembled component diagrams using manufacturers’ specifications that includes libraries for speed and voltage ratings, and that each kit contains timing protocols that can be imported into TimingDesigner’s Manager Window. The company also states that component manufacturers can use the program to create kits for their digital devices, and add them to the design kit library as well.

“GSI is proud to provide our customers with TimingDesigner design kits for our SigmaQuad family of SRAM products,” said David Chapman, GSI marketing and applications engineering VP. “These kits will enable our customers to perform an accurate and detailed timing analysis of their SigmaQuad memory interfaces.”

For a list of available EMA TimingDesigner design kits, go to www.timingdesigner.com/DesignKits. The kits are free to EMA customers with a valid maintenance contract. The GSI SRAM kits are also available to GSI customers on the GSI website at www.gsitechnology.com/timingdesigner.htm.
WILSONVILLE, OR – Mentor Graphics Corporation has announced that Dennis Weldon will speak at the D. A. Davidson Electronic Systems Design Conference in Denver, Colorado. The conference runs February 21-22. A live web cast will be available at 11:45 AM Mountain Time on Thursday, February 21 at http://www.wsw.com/webcast/dadco11/ment.

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