• German PCB Orders Down, Shipments Up

    FRANKFURT -- Sales at German printed circuit board manufacturers grew 3.1% year-over-year in May, reports ZVEI PCB and Electronic Systems. 

  • German PCB Sales Continue to Rise in June

    FRANKFURT -- Sales at German printed circuit board manufacturers grew 4.1% year-over-year in June, reports ZVEI PCB and Electronic Systems.  

  • German Region PCB Sales, Orders Continue to Shine

    FRANKFURT -- Germany region PCB manufacturers saw sales growth continue in January, rising 11.5% year-over-year.

  • Germany PCB Orders Down 2.8% in June

    FRANKFURT, GERMANY -- German region PCB manufacturers reported sales rose 4.3% year-over-year in June.

  • Global PCB Connectors Market to Grow at 3% CAGR through 2021

    LEWES, DE – The global printed circuit board connectors market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3% during the period from 2017 to 2021, says Market Research Reports.

  • Goldenmax Completes PCB Fab Acquisition

    HANGZHOU, CHINA -- Goldenmax International Technology has completed its acquisition of Hangzhou Union Printed Circuit Board Co.

  • Goldenmax to Add Massive PCB Shop in Jinzhai

    JINZHAI COUNTY, ANHUI PROVINCE, CHINA - Goldenmax International Technology plans to invest 500 million yuan ($81.4 million) to build a printed circuit board factory at the Modern Industrial Park in Jinzhai County.

  • GS Gestelltechnik Shows PCB Plating Racks

    PCB Plating Racks support a variety of chemical processes. Handle single and unique parts up to serial parts in very large lot sizes. Protefan coating insulation; Halar E-CTFE or ETFE coating optional.

    GS Gestelltechnik, gs-gestelltechnik.de

  • HSIO Acquires Ex HEI Circuit Shop

    MAPLE GROVE, MN – A subsidiary of HSIO Technologies has acquired the former HEI Circuit Fabrication operations in Tempe, AZ.

  • In Drive for Auto Sector, Zuken Opens Wire Harness Center

    YOKOHAMA, JAPAN Zuken will open a technology competence center for transportation in Erlangen, Germany, extending its efforts to develop electronic architecture and wiring harnesssoftware for the transportation end-market.

  • Investment Group Buys MFS, Reinstalls Ex CEO

    SINGAPORE -- Navis Capital Partners has acquired a majority stake in flex circuit maker MFS (S) Technology FPC, and will install a new management team, the company announced. 

  • IPC Releases IPC-2221B Gerber Coupon Generator

    BANNOCKBURN, IL – IPC has released a new annual subscription service for its members looking to generate test coupons based on the IPC-2221 printed board standard.

  • IPC Releases Rev. M of Electronics Industry Definitions

    BANNOCKBURN, IL – IPC has released IPC-T-50 Revision M, Terms and Definitions for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits.

  • January North American PCB Orders Down 5.6%

    BANNOCKBURN, IL – January North American printed circuit board orders declined 5.6% year-over-year and 7.6% sequentially, says IPC.

  • Knowledge Delivers Economy: Designing for SI at the Right Price

    Martin Cotton

    The highest-speed boards don’t necessarily need the highest-performance materials.

    High-tech product developers have been able to take advantage of immense advances in the capabilities of electronic components – mostly among processors, FPGAs and ASSPs, which continue to follow the trend implied by Moore’s Law: to deliver incredible new innovations considered impossible or science-fiction fantasy just a couple of product generations before. As fantastic as this might be, there is a problem: end-users are learning to expect – even demand – the impossible on an ongoing basis.

  • Lenthor Moves into New, Larger Silicon Valley Site

    MILPITAS, CA -- Lenthor Engineering has moved into a new 55,000 sq. ft., $16-million printed circuit board manfuacturing facility here.

  • Mentor Debuts Xpedition Data Management Suite

    Xpedition Data Management (xDM) suite provides a flow-wide information hub that manages the PCB design data that is created, reused, imported, or released from Xpedition Enterprise. Manages design data for work-in-progress designs, and library and component data for the entire PCB design flow. Is said to ensure accuracy, integrity and security of PCB data used throughout the enterprise flow.

    xDM Design tool manages data from a broad range of sources, serving as a central design "cockpit" for all tools and data. Design traceability feature creates a family tree and tracks all events associated with design objects. Collaboration client feature enables enterprise-wide team collaboration, providing complete design viewing in a web browser, allowing redlines and mark-ups for design reviews. Also enables quick access to design state information including metrics such as total parts, total nets, constraints, and percent routed. Provides automated index of all ECAD design metrics—gathering, tracking, and analyzing design state data at multiple levels: design status, online hazards, annotation status, and design constraints, also providing the ability to search on desired metrics.

    Integrated PCB Library Management with xDM Library The xDM product suite also includes xDM Library, which enables comprehensive library development and management, including part creation, 3D modelling, component management, and process integration. Key features for xDM Library include:

    • Library editing for symbols, cells, and padstacks with integrated distribution for the enterprise.
    • Providing a central hub for 3D model management – supporting both Mentor-provided 3D models and custom 3D STEP models.

    Advanced xDM Library option automates component data management including incorporation of company-specific part data, alternates, supplier information, where-used checking for obsolescence, BOM access for early compliance checking, and management of preferred parts lists. Also enables process integration across the flow, giving direct access to the rich component data, providing automatic filtering of preferred parts, comparison and identification of alternate parts from vendor datasheets, ECAD BOM management, and compliance audits on design BOMs.

    xDM Library provides visibility of key design and part selection factors early in the development process for fast and upfront identification of preferred viable parts to avoid costly rework downstream. xDM Library enables reduced infrastructure cost by leveraging library parts across multiple locations, maximum leverage of existing inventory, and the prevention of part shortages.

    Mentor Graphics, http://go.mentor.com/data-management 

  • Mentor Spurs High-Speed PCB 'Virtual Labs'

    WILSONVILLE, OR -- Mentor Graphics today announced a new partnership with a handful of component developers based on sharing reference designs and tools via the cloud to accelerate new technology adoption.

  • MFlex Expects Q1 Sales at High End of Guidance

    IRVINE, CA -- Multi-Fineline Electronix today reported preliminary first-quarter net sales of $145 million to $150 million, at the mid- to high-end of company's guidance.

  • Molex Upgrades NeoScale Mezzanine Connector

    NeoScale high-speed modular mezzanine connector now delivers faster data rates and improved performance. Offers clean signal integrity at data rates of 56Gbps NRZ. Composed of a vertical plug and vertical receptacle, with a patented modular triad wafer design for custom PCB routing in high-density applications. Patented PCB attachment method delivers robust solder joints. Is composed of three pins per differential pair—two signal pins and one shield pin. Molex NeoScaleEach triad is a standalone, shielded, 56-Gbps-capable differential pair or an 8A power feed. Triads can be optimized for signals supporting high-speed 85 Ohm or 100 Ohm differential pairs, high-speed single-ended transmissions, low-speed single-ended or control signals, and power pins. Blind mateable with rugged triads for multiple connectors. Come in 12 to 42mm stack heights; circuit sizes of 8 to 300 triad wafers in 2-, 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-row configurations; and 85 or 100 Ohm impedance to provide optimal design flexibility. Customized versions available, such as 10 and 45mm stack heights.

    Molex, molex.com

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