Zuken Announces Design Force IC Package/PCB Design Environment
Written by Mike Buetow   
Tuesday, 25 October 2011 12:40

Design Force IC package and printed circuit board design environment enables single board, multi-board, and chip-package-board interconnect optimization in native 3D.

Is a single solution environment that includes embedded interactive and automatic routing, design analysis and constraint management. Allows layout of complete system designs – from quick prototype boards to complex, multi-board systems – using a single tool.


Offers a full 3D environment. Can be used via a mouse and touchpad for two-handed design, to reduce time taken for menu picks, mouse clicks, and mouse travel distance. Switches between 2D and 3D seamlessly. Can place and manage embedded components, view and modify layers, and optimize chip-package-board and multi-board interconnects. Supports multiple client-server implementations, including cloud computing.

Has embedded support for high-speed design, for signal integrity, EMC, and power integrity analysis, managing constraints and autorouting. Can co-design a chip, package and board, embed components in the dielectric, and verify manufacturing rules in real-time. Comes with CR-8000 PCB design suite and is fully integrated with System Planner (system-level design planning) and Design Gateway (system-level circuit engineering).

Zuken, www.zuken.com/design-force






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