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Written by Mike Buetow   
Friday, 20 December 2013 16:55

TAIPEI -- Taiwan's Intellectual Property Court has confirmed that Atotech's immersion tin process and equipment were not affected by a competitor’s patent. The judgment confirmed a previous rejection of a patent claim against Atotech by a competitor that alleged patent infringement.

After Atotech sought patents for its Stannatech immersion tin process in Taiwan and China, a competitor claimed the processes and equipment would infringe one of its patents. The competitor’s patent was filed over 10 years ago and makes use of a typical technology that Atotech has never employed, Atotech said in a statement.

Both the first and the second instances of the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court ruled in Atotech’s favor and fully rejected the alleged infringement claimed by the competitor.

The judgments came after detailed technical discussions and inspection of Atotech’s equipment by independent technical examination officers appointed by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court. It was declared that Atotech had not infringed the competitor’s patent at any time because of substantial differences in the technology.

In addition, the second instance of the Intellectual Property Court also held that the international competitor’s patent was invalid because the competitor’s patent lacks an inventive step. The competitor cannot enforce any rights against Atotech based on the patent.






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