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Written by Mike Buetow   
Tuesday, 11 December 2012 15:33

NEW DELHI -- One of the world's largest emerging markets is now flexing its muscle in the standards arena.

Starting next April, manufacturers looking to sell electronics into the India market must first be certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. It marks the first time India has enforced its own standards on outside products.

The rule applies to all electronics products imported or manufactured after April 2013 and is in response to a burgeoning "grey market" for sub-standard electronics, the agency said.

According to the Electronics Industries Association of India, the domestic electronics products market will reach $158 billion by 2015. The agency estimates 30 to 40% of its domestic electronics sales involve grey market items.

"To safeguard the consumers, we have made it mandatory for the electronics manufacturer to get a standard compliance certificate before selling it in the market," said a senior official of the department of electronics and information technology (DeiTy).

The 15 product categories the new compliance certification applies to include laptops, tablets, LCD and LED televisions, optical disc players, microwave ovens, printers, scanners, wireless keyboards, video monitors, telephone answering machines, amplifiers, musical systems, electronic clocks and set-top boxes, among others. A second phase will add mobile phones and some other electronics goods.

Manufacturers will have get certification from domestic accredited laboratories prior to offering their products for sale in India. DeiTy will granted the authority to inspect and seize electronics goods believed to be out of compliance with the standards.






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