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PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN & FAB subscribers are the PCB designers and fabricators worldwide that you want to reach with your market message. They are the corporate managers and executives; engineers and engineering managers; designers and design managers. They are industry leaders. Movers and shakers. Decision-makers with the authority to recommend or buy your product and services.

Within the US, our subscribers request PCD&F in print, digital – or both – and it is our philosophy to deliver this information in the format they prefer. We serve our qualified non-US subscribers with digital to ensure timely receipt and avoid deliverability issues. PCD&F is the only industry publication that continues to serve the market in both print and digital formats!

Here’s a look at what PCD&F advertisers enjoy:

  • The largest readership. We have 30,000 subscribers worldwide, more than twice other publications.
  • The most qualified readership. Our readers include engineering management, design engineers, process/production engineers, corporate management and technical support at printed circuit design and fabrication facilities worldwide. All our subscribers buy or influence the purchase of design software, fabrication process and test equipment, materials, or services.
  • The cleanest mailing list. We regularly update our mailing list to ensure it is accurate. Your message won’t be sent to an empty cubicle or inbox.

PCD&F Reaches Key Decision-Makers

  • PWB design/layout/circuit design/circuit system packaging design or other design: 32% of readership
  • Design/systems/electrical engineering: 31%
  • Corporate management or engineering management: 20%
  • PWB (bare board) process/production/manufacturing/engineering: 5%
  • Research/development: 6%
  • Quality control/quality assurance/quality engineering, production testing: 2%
  • Engineering/supply/operator/support, including field technician, draftsman: 2%
  • Other design, consulting, university and sales: 2%

PCD&F Circulation by Region

US: 20,000

Asia and Europe: 7,497

Canada and Mexico: 1,670

Other International: 833

Coupled with our sister publication, CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY, along with UPMG’s other media products, our database reaches up to 62,000 unique engineers, designers, fabricators, assemblers and managers worldwide. Click here for a look at CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY’s audience.





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