ATLANTAUP Media Group announced the launch of Virtual PCB, the industry's first virtual trade show and conference for the PCB design, fabrication and assembly markets. The premiere event takes place Feb. 12-13, 2008.
A fully interactive, Web-based event, Virtual PCB ( incorporates all the critical features of a live event while allowing PCB design, fabrication and assembly equipment and materials buyers and sellers to interact online. Virtual PCB is supported by a proven software platform and will be accessible on-demand for three months following the two-day live event.
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SAN JOSE – Global microchip sales in September were $22.6 billion, an increase of 5.9% year-over-year, the Semiconductor Industry Association reports. Sales were up 5% sequentially.

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LOS ALTOS, CA – Driven by strong economic conditions and a continuing wireless boom, world communication equipment production bounded ahead by 12.6% during 2006, according to the latest Henderson Ventures forecast.
However, slower economic growth and a tail off in the mobile communication sector will create a sharp deceleration in equipment growth this year, the firm says.
Global output is expected to increase by only 6%. However, this year’s loss of momentum represents something of a timeout rather than a fundamental change in the fortunes of the communication sector, Henderson reports. In fact, growth rates will accelerate once again, reaching a 10.1% pace in 2009.
Handset growth to ease the mobile telephone industry, including handsets and infrastructure, will be hitting a fundamental roadblock within the next few years, as the number of new subscribers dwindles because of market saturation among global consumers who can afford a subscription, the company says.
And given the forecast for a gradual leveling of the subscriber base, the handset forecast also calls for a slowdown. It is believed that the age of 20+% growth rates are behind us. However, growth rates in the vicinity of 10% through 2009 can be expected.
LONDON – A 45-minute Webinar launched today describes forthcoming EcoDesign requirements that electronics manufacturers will need to meet to maintain CE marking. 

Presented by the European Commission, the Centre for Sustainable Design and Environ, the presentation covers the latest developments in implementing the EuP Directive: the status of implementing measures for first 20 product groups; a working plan to identify product groups; role of industry voluntary agreements; tracking EuP EcoDesign requirements and Wb-based approach to managing EcoDesign; practical measures companies should take to track development of EcoDesign requirements; managing EcoDesign data across multiple locations and global supply chains; benefits of Web-based systems, and EcoDesign trends in Asia.  
The CE marking is a requirement for electrical and electronics products sold in the EU.
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SAN JOSE – The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is sponsoring a free, two-day seminar on protecting IP abroad. Piracy and counterfeiting cost the American economy approximately $250 billion annually, the U.S. PTO says.

The event, China Road Show: Protecting Your Intellectual Property in China & the Global Marketplace, takes place Nov. 7-8, in San Jose.

The program will cover IP theft and protection, product and part counterfeiting. It also will include comprehensive coverage of enforcement strategies against IP theft from China. Presenters include the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The program is for any company that wants to learn about protecting its products from counterfeiting and piracy – even those companies that have no plans to sell or manufacture their products in China.

Among the speakers are Tom Valliere of Design Chain Associates, Fairchild Semiconductor's legal counsel, and Debra Eggeman, general manager of the Independent Distributors of Electronics Association.
WASHINGTON – Durable goods orders fell in September for the second straight month, the Commerce Department reported today. Orders dropped 1.7% after dropping 5.3% in August, the first back-to-back declines in more than a year, on lower demand for autos, computers and electronics products, among other items.
Most economists felt orders would rise, and blame is being attributed to housing finance and other credit problems.
Durables are defined as manufactured goods that have a life of at least three years.

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