PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN & FAB honors NPI Award winners annually at IPC Apex Expo. Winners receive awards and a publicity photo with editor-in-chief Mike Buetow. The 2017 NPI Award ceremony took place February 14, 2017, at the San Diego Convention Center.

2017 Ceremony

Awards 148

Awards 123


Awards 126

Awards 134

Awards 136

Awards 141

Congratulations to the 2017 Winners!

Rogers Corp. (Laminates)
Dow Chemical (Plating)
Cadence Design Systems (Factory Automation Software)
Orbotech (AOI Test)
Orbotech (Imaging)
Nordson March (Surface Treatment)
Bowman Analytics (X-Ray Verification Tools - Bare Board)

Past Winners


Nordson March (General Cleaning)
The Dow Chemical Co./Dow Electronic Materials (Plating)


Dow Electronic Materials (Plating)
Rogers Corp. (Specialty Substrate Materials)


National Instruments (System Modeling and Simulation Tools)
DownStream Technologies (PCB Design Tools)
Nordson March (Surface Treatment)
Rogers Corp. (Laminates)
Dow Electronic Materials (Plating)

National Instruments (System Modeling and Simulation Tools) 
Intercept Technology (PCB Design Tools)
Dow Electronic Materials (Surface Treatment)

DfR Solutions (Design Verification Tools)
Downstream Technologies (Computer-aided Design (CAM) Tools)
Polar Instruments (Documentation Tools)
Altium (PCB Design Tools)
Sigrity (System Modeling and Simulation Tools) 

Rogers (Laminates)
WKK Distribution (Imaging)
National Instruments (System Modeling and Simulation Tools)
Sunstone Circuits (PCB Design Tools)

Enthone Inc. (Final Finishes)
Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials (Plating)
Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials (Imaging Materials)RBP Chemical (General Wet Process)Multiline Technology (Registration and Tooling) Control Micro Systems (Marking/Tracking)Sigrity Inc. (System Modeling and Verification Tools)Rogers Corp. (Laminates)     DuPont Electronic Technologies (Specialty Laminates)Pluritec North America (Drilling)

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